YU Yureka AO5510 (Moondust Grey, 16GB) Rs.6748 on Amazon

Featured Deal YU Yureka AO5510 (Moondust Grey, 16GB) Rs.6748 on Amazon

Amazon selling YU Yureka AO5510 (Moondust Grey, 16GB) worth Rs.12500 discounted price Rs.6748.

YU Yureka AO5510 (Moondust Grey, 16GB)

13MP primary camera with Sony IMX135 CMOS Sensor, 5P Largan blue lens architecture, f2.2 aperture and 5MP front facing camera with 4P lens architecture; 5.5-inch (13.97 centimeters) HD IPS capacitive ...

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I have been using this phone for 3 months now and yes I also faced the same problems like heating and after lollipop some new problems, so here is what I did.1. For screen blank on incoming or outgoing calls: You have to calibrate the proximity sensor anf for that dial *#*#7769#*#* and then tap calibrate and follow onscreen instruction, it will calibrate the sensor. Here is some guide for some noobs who does not understand a bit technical, after dialing the number given above it will ask you bring your finger near the sensor and then move away only twice(though you can do as much as you want!).. And it will calibrate the sensor, below will be written good on the screen, you can exit after that.2. For the heating issue: Heating while gaming is normal because the phone has good GPU(Graphics Processing Unit), so no problem there. But if your phone is like heated all the time then, here is what I did. I got my phone rooted then removed the unnecessary bloatwares (preinstalled unnecessary apps from Google) and then install Greenify app from playstore, this app will help keep your phone cool and will also increase the battery backup and one more thing don't keep unnecessary apps in your phone uninstall what you does not use. My phone runs totally cool.Caution: If you are not a geeky mind and are not aware of little technical things like rooting and stuff then proceed with caution, though you can find several videos on YouTube for rooting your phone but don't follow anyone blindly. Follow XDA Developers website and their methods instead. I soft bricked my device when I was trying to root my phone after the lollipop update.3.Read more ›
May 8, 2015
First of all stop complaining and posting negative reviews.. You people don't deserve a phone.. Some are not verified as amazon purchaser and commenting here can be deemed as haters..This phone is featured packed...First of all many say its a rebranded chinese phone.. Coolpad or something with better specs ..Using this for a month now..however i cant guarantee of its durability and longevity unless i use it for atleast 6 months...Lollipop update isnt stable.. But in kitkat it was super fluid..Pros:>Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 =64 bit processor and octacore cpu and Adreno 405 gpu which is great for multitasking where i keep 10 to 15 apps in background and 15 tabs open in chrome browser ...i generally play...san andreas and fifa 15 in medium or bit above settings... Smooth enough...>2 gb ram>5.5 in HD display ...great for watching and playing games and browsing...>good camera... 13 mp rear is good ...i will attach my screenshots with this review...i feel the camera algorithm or software makes it bit worse for my liking...i can manage to manual focus objects a lot closer like 1 inch distance..which is really really nice for a phone camera... In low light photos arent good ..and in flash its even worse.. a yellow tint and the image composition is lost...full hd videos are very nice...i do manual focus a lot and it feels very good when it locks on that subject... Quite nice i would say in well lit conditions... But bad in low light...the images of front 5 mp camera is okay i would say.The images i will post here are taken in 13 mp resolution.. and some are taken with HDR on where it produces good colours to its otherwise slightly faded images..i have edited almost all pics by cropping in 16:9 aspect ratio and added few filters using snapseed...Read more ›
May 10, 2015
Truly an octa core beast, works flawlessly, amazingly fast, cyanogenmod rocks, and at this price, the cons can easily be neglected....Pros: well, all people know.... the phone is awesome... too much to write here....Like camera is awesome, CM theme engine is even more awesome, screen is also quite decent, viewing angles are also not bad, touch response is amazing, front cam is also good, and features like double tap to wake, sleep, etc works flawlessly....Cons: no major issues, but minor problems like heating, wifi takes few seconds to connect, and average battery backup.Now,(please read carefully)The moment I upgraded to CM12, ie lollipop, issues like contacts dialer stopped, lagginess, then proximity sensor issue, screen blank issue, etc came up.... But now, we all know CM11(ie, kitkat) was 32 bit, and CM12(lollipop) is 64 bit... So its mainly due to compatibility issue ... I searched YU forums, and they told me to just take a backup, factory reset the phone, go to the recovery menu by pressing power+volume up+vol down together, while the phone is off, and clear the cache partition.And believe me, after clearing cache partition from recovery, and factory resetting, all the problems were gone.... Now the phone works like a charm.... So, please dont bother about those 1star reviews, and people complaining about these things....p.s.Those people who are giving 1 star reviews, or are applying for refunds, for problems like screen going blank, etc, the yureka is not their cup of tea, they are ultimate noobs, as they cant solve these minor problems by themselves, as these problems can easily be solved by even an 8 year old child, if they are taught how to.... they should rather waste their money on "Samsung" , "HTC", "sony", etc.Read more ›
May 12, 2015

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