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Amazon brings an amazing Offer where you can buy Xbox One Console with Kinect at Best Pric Rs.29972.

Xbox One Console with Kinect

Rs. 29,972

Includes Kinect Sensor for Xbox One; Wireless Controller; Chat Headset; HDMI cable and Power Supply

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Hello fellow Gamers .This Review may be long but it has almost every thing that you should be knowing about Xbox One and don't have to go anywhere else to search for help.I am writing this review after using the Assassin's Creed Xbox One without Kinect bundle(with free additional controller) for almost 5 months. I first time started it and set it up on 5th of august 2015. I am(was) hard core PC gamer and have also played on almost all type of consoles (not any Nintendo console).My Gamertag is SJR51GAMER add me and we'll play together ,(If you know what a Gamertag is then add me,And if don't then you will understand after buying Xbox one remember my Gamertag , Note it down somewhere and add me later on Xbox)-You can ask me any questions on Xbox app ,You can get the app on windows ,android platform download Xbox One Smartglass app and you can ask me from there Via Messages,but before that I would recommend you to read this full review as you will get most of your answers.MY EXPERIENCEXBOX ONE has everything I need from a Console , Games at good Frame Rate and Resolution and Decent Graphics ,Few needed Apps, It can play any video or music disc (Not Disk),It can even play my old Sony Walkman too.The Usable space for 500GB edition is 380GB . I have played many games. Just love it . I love the old UI and the NXOE UI too(as Microsoft call the new UI as New Xbox One Experiences ).Read more ›
September 26, 2015
Don't even think of buying this product as by chance if you face Any issue, no Xbox service centre is there in India and there is now way that you can have the console repaired .. Please go for the PS4 with exceptional after sales service
July 26, 2016
XBOX one is a powerful machine which can turn into a pc, tv box or entertaintment system with a click of a button. realy power full. people know what the benefits are so here are some drawbacks1. need internet connection to start up - around 2gb initial download.2. hard disk space will never be enough., each game installes 40+ Gb. that is roughly 6-7 games on the available 380 gb. 9 you can add a external hard disk also as storage device.3. every freaking game even if it is in disk needs around 6-15gb of inital download. so you know how frustating this is at our donwload speeds.(never got aster download than 4Mb per sec even with a 4g router. so takes time to download the games and add ons.. ( the digital games downloaded from live is around 40GB per game - that is 2 full days of download4. the kinect sensor is of absolute no use unless you want to play games specialised for it like dance central or rivals. go for game bundle than kinect bundle. 9 it will set you back 11K if you want to buy it later for your kids so choose wisely).5. But the very frustating this is the vibration of controller. while it is good from a game point of view.. very bad as you will have to change the battery every 2 days.. better buy a play and charge kit if you are going for long times of play.So totally go for it if you have unlimited bandwidth with good speeds( above 4Mbps download).. and space to keep this thing.. twice as big as 360 and cannot keep in standing position.
September 12, 2016
Let me explain my ratings. The console, the games and the kinect are definitely good but the service and support are horrendous. Please NOTE - Microsoft does not have any support for XBOX after the warranty expires!! This is not mentioned anywhere when you buy your console.. I bought my XBOX one during the launch in India and the warranty expired in Nov 2015. As luck would have it, my console stopped working in December 2015. It get stuck on the loading screen and does not get past it. Finding support is a big issue. Finally i used the chat service and someone tried to help me fix it with a manual boot process. However, when that didn't work, they said I would need to raise a service request as there might be an issue with the Hard Drive.I have been trying to do this for 3 months now and after multiple chats, i was told there is no support for devices out of warranty in India. They then gave me a phone number to call. After calling them, I got the same answer - Your device is out of warranty so there is nothing we can do. Try a local repair shop. Is this how Microsoft plans to support one of their premiere products? They pretty much say they can't do anything and I have to figurte it out myselves.
May 3, 2016
Please dont buy this if you don't have access to strong, stable and unlimited internet. it updates itself a lot. the size of updates are about 3-4 gb. even the games you buy will need updates of around 4 to 5gb (sometimes even more) before you can play them.Simple internet used for surfing is not enough. Its not just the speed( minimum 3-4 mbps) there a lot of issues like ping, latency, packet loss etc. it means that the internet has to be really good else the console simply wont connect to internet. and without connecting to the internet its just an expensive piece of rock.Also support is realy means if you get stuck somewhere(which is inevitable btw) dont expect that you can just call up a toll free number and get'll have to figure out everything yourself(forums, threads ...etc.) which is simply a living nightmare.And pray that your xbox doesn't break down after 1year warranty..coz after that there is no service centre in might as well sell it to scrap but i doubt even the kabadi guy will take it...good luck
May 17, 2016

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