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Unibic Festive Cookies, Tin, 500g at Rs.316 – Amazon

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Amazon offering Unibic Festive Cookies, Tin, 500g at Discounted Price Rs.316.

Unibic Festive Cookies, Tin, 500g

Rs. 316 699

Butter cookies, Honey

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Write on the board 1000 times: "I will not buy such rubbish even if it is for 1 Re"Totally worthless and I don't know how I could let myself fall for this. This is just a silly tin, and believe me that is what you pay for. There are 10 trays of 4 biscuits each. I think there are 5 flavors in all. That makes it 40 biscuits in all. Go to the mall, buy these individual biscuits packs and you will be done in less than 150 Rs. The tin is decent but then not that it should be priced so much! Could have bought better tins for cheaper price. Sometimes I feel I should cover my face in shame with this tin! I got it for around 280 Rs in the Amazon sale and I still feel that I have been silly enough to buy this. Don't even buy this to be gifted. The person you gift this to will curse you after opening it! The biscuits were broken too. Sale or no sale, do not go for this. Sorry Unibic, but I'm not even picking up your biscuits for free! Thank you Amazon for delivering it in time. I feel Amazon did a wonderful job on the logistics anyways!
November 23, 2015
there are total 10 mini packs with each mini pack containing 4 cookies. so, total 40 biscuits for 700/- ? I think its a lot !! each mini pack contains different flavours of cookies such as mixed fruit, almond and raisins, triple chocolate layer,etc. I bought for just 280 in lightening deal by amazon.
January 4, 2016
tastes good. But biscuits are very few. All the weight of 500 grams of this box eaten by extra decoration things(plastic biscuit holders etc inside). I feel like I paid money for plastic trays inside box rather for biscuits.
January 7, 2016
If i buy all the biscuits in this tin as separate packets it would cost me 120 bucks . I paid 280 rupees during the sale on a lightning deal and thought it was a steal. When you label a product as festive it's expected to put at least some items which are not usually available (like some festive flavour biscuits like kesar etc), but Unibic execs thought why not just put our regular biscuits in a tin and label it as festive !!The way I see my costsPrice of biscuits- 120Price of tin - 160Price paid due to lightening deal -280 (MRP -700)If you paid full price on this you are truly a bigger fool than me
February 15, 2016
Good but not worth the money spent .. I bought it for 279rs but the quantity is not up to the mark... The box contains 10 trays with 4 pieces (biscuits) of 5 different flavors.. It's good but not worth since the same can be purchased at 20rs packs and you will get more quantity.. Though it's good for gifting..
November 16, 2015
Offer for limited period.Price may change at any time

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