Tosaa Non stick 7 cavity appam patra with lid, 17 cm (200 grms ) Rs.197 – Amazon

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Amazon offering Tosaa Non stick 7 cavity appam patra with lid, 17 cm (200 grms ) at lowest price Online Rs.197.

Tosaa Non stick 7 cavity appam patra with lid, 17 cm (200 grms )

Rs. 197

Easy to clean; Oil free cooking^Non-reactive to food; Low gas consumption and preserve nutrients in food; German coating and safe use with wooden spatula; Heavy-gauge aluminium, slide non-stick ...

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the product is best quality &non stick with handle nice product you can buy it & delivery on time by amazon nice
October 1, 2015
good appapatram....made a few appams and they turned out really well. However, to make perfect appams, you have to use a lot of oil contrary to what is said on the utensil guidelines. after use, clean the utensil with liquid soap using your hands.worth the money
August 26, 2014
Pretty in Size.Light in weight.Low in Cost.This product has more advantages and only one disadvantage..It consumes less heat and oil hence it is non-stick.Easy to use.Good and delicious food..HealthyBut one disadvantage is it has no flat bottom
September 4, 2014
very good product at 150rs.Advantages:1. nonstick advantage- can manage even if batter is slightly watery2. bakes well uniformly3. small size is not a constraint- in fact better- as larger pans result in peripheral areas not being baked well4. needs oil- ok- as appam tastes better with little oilDisadvantages:1. No lid. But no problem as we have plenty of spare lids usually lying in the kitchen.2. no handle to take off the hot pan from stove- still ok for this cost, manageable3. no spoon to remove appams- we can still manage with wooden spoons available with other non stick cookwareoverall- very good product for this moneyAfter using this we bought another for our inlaws- they wanted a bigger 12 appam piece
September 18, 2014
Surprisingly, every woman who has come to see this product and hearing the price has asked me to order one for them. This is not a direct review from me, but from my mom and my aunt. Real non-stick, easy on the stove, easy to wash and distributed heating. With amazon's free delivery as well and mostly being listed in deals atleast once a month, its a must buy for a south indian household.Note: Just mix some cut onion and cut chilly to your dosa batter, may be for the remaining dosa batter and you have your appam batter. Can add rava if you like to!!
April 24, 2015
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