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Timex Ironman Digital Black Dial Sports Activity Tracker at Rs.2999 – Amazon

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Amazon selling Timex Ironman Digital Black Dial Sports Activity Tracker at discounted price Rs.2999.

Timex Ironman Digital Black Dial Sports Activity Tracker - TW5K85800F6

Rs. 8,995

Captures all-day activity including steps, distance and calories burned; Tracks workouts with real time distance, pace, calories burned and total time; Wirelessly syncs to your iOS or Android ...

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I have been running marathons since the past 4 years . Big fan of the Ironman collection from Timex. Ironman is one of the biggest collections of Timex world over and seems to be the default choice for people in sports/fitness space.Surprised to see timex launching a "Smart Activity Tracker" under Ironman in India. One of the best thing about this Smart Activity tracker is that it is compatible with both Android and I Phone . Unlike a lot of other smart watches whcih are locked to a particular brands ( eg.Samsung gear fit) or a particular OS ( eg.motorola smart watch , apple watch ) this watch will be useful irrespective of any device you decide to buy in the futureFor all the Fitness Freaks out there. Do not even think Twice.. Coming from Ironman Stable this watch has the pedigree along with Features which help you track and fine tune your religious excersize routines. If you are a passionate runner - you would appreciate the features of this watch even more .. you can sync all the data with the APP which is pretty detailed and can throw up interesting stats around your workoutsFor All the Beginners, Newbee Fitness Enthusiast - let me put it this way - Most of us start our workouts, fitness regimes etc with a lot of enthusiasm but over a period of time we start missing out /slacking in absence of tangible proof /visual cues of our efforts . This Activity tracker is not a substitute for your ambition but is definitely a great way to organize your self around your workout regieme , follow up on your progress and track your goals . In short keeping you motivated.Read more ›
May 4, 2015
This is a band which is extremely simple to use and doesn't have many functions to get your head around. It counts steps, shows them on a bright, clear screen and then transports them without any hassle to a smartphone graph.There's the usual calorie and sleep analysis data that should only be used as a very general guide to check whether your day is was more or less 'well' than the day before, and you can pick one up for under Rs 9000. Is it worth the investment?I LIKED :Well, like I say, it's simple. The step counter was generally "accurate enough" for me. It's so hard recommending or warning off on the step counter performance though. If you walk differently to me, or wave your arms around a lot, you'll get different results. That's an issue that all fitness trackers have. All I can say is, I found this to be not too wrong, and it was consistent in the way it was wrong.The battery life and the lack of buzzy pestering also stand the Timex Iron man Move x20 in good stead.I DISLIKED :The Timex Iron man Move x20 just wasn't all that comfortable or flexible to wear. They do come in a couple of sizes, so if you can try one of before you buy I'd recommend doing so. Lack of comfort is a fundamental problem with a band you're supposed to wear 24/7/365.There's no touchscreen, but these aren't always the most responsive on these affordable bands, plus they don't really add much to the experience, so that's maybe no bad thing.The app is a real problem. It's so simple as to seem unfinished, and there's little in the way of coaching or social interaction and, as far as I could work out, no third-party app integration.Read more ›
May 5, 2015
I have been using the product timex ironman for almost 20 days.. its good product and is doing everything that it is suppose to do.Pros1. Good battery life. Lasts more then a week if constantly not connected to Bluetooth. If connected continously to phone then 1 week.. I am quite impressed with its battery life.2. Its compact and light n fits well in hand.3. Count the steps quite well.Cons1. Bluetooth connectivity with phone is fine when used with application of timex available on google play store. But when used for missed call and message alert, its of no use... messages don't display correctly.2. Battery charger is quite difficult to use. I have to press it quite strategically to get it charging.So if you're looking for band with good battery life, this is a must buy. But this is not smart band.
May 25, 2015
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