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Amazon offering SteelSeries Siberia 200 51133 Gaming Headset (Black) at Lowest Price Online Rs.2499.

SteelSeries Siberia 200 51133 Gaming Headset (Black)

Rs. 2,499 6999

Lightweight suspension construction with pull-out microphone; Closed ear headphones; Crystal clear high, low and mid-tones; 50mm driver units; Integrated volume control located on the cord; 2 Years ...

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Pros: Light, Comfortable, Cancelling, excellent Design, Great QualityCons: Might feel higher priced, but worth itDesign- These are headphones designed for gaming and so they appear much larger than regular headphones. When you ware it, it is absolutely comfortable. They have a great head strap which makes it absolutely comfortable.The retractable cables used appear of very high quality of steel and good spring actionEar cups are exceptional. Have used this extended period (3 hours) and did not feel any dissemination comfort.Mic, this is another important element in the design, loved the whole idea of a mic concealing inside the earphone and when required can easily been pulled out. THUMS UP for this.Cables- this come with 2 gold tipped 3.5 mm pins for mic and speakers respectively. Also in the box there is an adaptor to make it into a single pin that can be used on phone jack as well.Another important aspect the control in the cable, this can control the volume as well as mute the mic.The quality of the wire and other components are really high quality.Quality- As I had mentioned in the design, quality of all components are really good.Sound- it really sounds great for games, music as well as any calls as well.Have used the headphone for all these purpose and totally impressed with the great quality.On the box they make a claim “The best Gaming headphone in its class” this is totally true also should have added no less when considered as music or call headphones.It cancels external noise and makes the overall experience enjoyable.Mic quality is exceptional. Tried it both on web based calls as well as mobile phone is and the performance is exceptional.Read more ›
August 1, 2016
Got this Headphone for Rs 2649/- At this Price Range No other headphone can give a experience which can match this .I have been using Siberia V2 for past 5 Years and no other headphone has changed my mind to move on.For Movies , Games and anything else This is it. Specially for Bass Heads.If you are playing games Use it as it is.For movies Use a Soundcard and believe me you will know what 7.1 surround sound feels like. I have been using Steelseries Soundcard for this.I have 3 Steelseries Headphones .1 is 6 Years Old , 1 is around 3 Years old and 1 i have just bought.The first one got faulty because steelseries made it that way .This headphone has a certain life for around 1 year after that it will give you problems because of it's cable.If it had a detachable cable i guarantee that it would have been the best selling headphone in the market.That's why my 2nd Headphone was Siberia V2 Frost blue because of USB.It will get sweaty in the ears in just around 15 minutes while using it and because of it , it's leather ear pads will start to worn off just after 2-3 months.As i said Steelseries made it that way .It's not durable but it gives one of the best sound experience you can ever get.If you are looking for any type of headphones around 4K price range i would suggest you to go for detachable cables.It will boost the life of the headphones if you care accordingly.If you can get solution for earpads and cable's durability , you won't need another headset like M50x and senheisers.This is an epic Headphone for Bass heads .Really awesome .Even after its drawbacks i still love this headphone's Sound .I am going to keep it because i just can't move on to other headsets.
October 3, 2016
The headsets are amazing! I got the sakura purple and it looks great af! The sound quality is perfect for anything under this price range. I love how they have the cable holder instead of plastic because basically after a few months most headsets snap around the left or right earpad. This one seems very sturdily built! I accidentally slept on it and bam it was as good as new. The mic quality is not perfect but not awful, it just is satisfactory for a gaming headset that you'll get under this price range, but it could have been better, it abruptly transmits breathing too. Maybe at least a software tool to eliminate it would've been great. But its ok.Pros:+ Great Sound+ 50 mm Drivers+ Sturdy Build+ Wide Range of Colors+ Retractable MicCons:- ok Mic- No Braided cable (rubberized cable)- No analog to usb connector.
October 23, 2016
product is greatsound is also loud and can hear the slightest of the noise for gaming even has great microphoneit is heavy but not too bulky but the problem is its like too hard from the sides (after a while it feels like someone is pressing hard on your ears)and u might snap it easily while removing so take care
December 7, 2016
Let's make it straight ,i bought this in offer of ₹2499/- (Forged Red)Let's see from ordering ( I got it in 4-5 days) Normal+1/2Delivery Guy was nice +1Packing of item Excellent (didn't imagine adding airbags and stuff in box)+2Now about actual product (Highly satisfied & everything's working fine no problem yet)+1Finale Score 4.5/5My Own Ratings with respect to product{ Headset (best comfort & great adjustable band)+1 Microphone(can be reverted back inside)+1 Design(Stunned)+1 Material with respect to price(satisfied)+1 Value for money(Totally Deserving)+1}Rating =5
October 14, 2016
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