Skrubble High Action Dishwash Liquid – 500 ml (Pack of 2)

Skrubble High Action Dishwash Liquid - 500 ml (Pack of 2)

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Skrubble High Action Dishwash Liquid has been developed with a technologically advanced Grease Busting Formulation; It helps efficiently clean tough oil and grease stains, removes malodour and leaves your utensils gleaming; It helps prevent formation of a white layer on utensils after they are...

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This product gives amazing shine and cleans the grease off efficiently. The orange-y smell makes it different from most other dish washing liquids.This said, there are two reason for 3 stars. Firstly, it doesn't work as well as Pril on utensils in which non veg has been served. The smell goes only after 2-3 wash with undiluted gel. Secondly, while the cost is less than other liquids, this product loses it's effectiveness when diluted. Therefore you end up using the same amount as any other liquid and it fails at being a cost effective product. As far as the delivery and packaging go, it was delivered in time and adequately .
Skrubble liquid diswash is excellent. Works fine. Easy to use. I buy it for my mom. She liked it very much. Is light orange color and it's fragrance is light orange flaver.worth buying..
Spotless clean ..OMG really ..yes it is.. found it better den other liquid dishwashers.. no dryness in hands and u can take once nd clean 2 - 4 utensils in one go.. kadai greasiness goes in one go.. really .. my maid was quite happy using dis.. said pls aur manga lo... I tried dis myself nd felt yes she s ryt... Worth buying ... 👌👌👌👌
I have bought this product around 3-4 times. I used to buy it when price was reasonable for a new product but when I saw one bottle disappearing from kitchen every week, I realised that it was not a good value for money product at all. It is not comparable to Vim, which lasted much longer. I cannot compare this product's or Vim's other qualities as I don't wash the utensils myself, and I just buy these from Amazon. I just judge by how much money I have to spend on dish wash liquid every month.When Amazon offers good deals on Vim these days and price of this product has increased by almost Rs 50, price of both has become similar for two litres.Skrubble seller/manufacturer thinks that their product has beaten Vim or Prill, so they have increased the price but in reality that is not the case. So seller/manufacturer of this product must wake up and smell the coffee.These days I buy Presto Dish Wash Gel, 2 Litres, which at least for now is good value for money product, specially when selling in a deal.
I don't have a helper in my house implying that I have to do dishes on my own. I wanted to change my regular dish cleaner liquid and after browsing a lot, came across this Skrubble dishwashing liquid.Pros-1. pocket friendly2. cleanses greesy utensils in one go3. does not dry down handsCons1. quite liquidy2. has a strong smell which I don't like but goes away graduallyI will give this a 4.5/5 starsYou can give it a try if looking for any change

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