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Signoraware Classic Lunch Box Set with Bag, 800ml, Deep Violet at Rs.255 – Amazon

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Amazon offer where you can buy Signoraware Classic Lunch Box Set with Bag, 800ml, Deep Violet at Discounted Price Rs.255.

Signoraware Classic Lunch Box Set with Bag, 800ml, Deep Violet

Rs. 255 380

Signoraware's classic lunch boxes are the quintessential tiffin boxes that will never go out of style, Impress your friends or colleagues and be ready to receive envious glances and yearning looks; ...

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I am using it for the past 3 years. Quality is very good. It is completely leak proof. The large box started leaking in the last 2 months. Small boxes are still fine. guess 2.5 years of service for a lunch box on daily use is pretty good. The quality of outer bag is excellent It will last for another 3 years, no doubt. My tupperware outer bag lasted only 8 months. I just ordered this today in lightening deal to replace the large box.The best thing is, it fits in my backpack. I don't need to carry another luggage.Cons: No compartments. if you want to carry more than 1 item will be difficult. The small boxes might not be sufficient for some people.
April 15, 2016
Quality of all 3 containers is really top good ,Pros: 1)yes one can carry liquid veggie like sambhar or even buttermilk or bhav bhaji in 2 tiny containers ,does not spill at all,have to close the lids properly . 2)All 3 are Air tight . 3)Food stays at well uptil it's shelf life 4)perfect for lunch Cons:1) It's a little heavy when carrying 3 w/ their given bag, also the round cloth is a medium quality one.
April 11, 2016
I was amazed to see the classic singoraware lunch box when I received it from amazon. The plastic quality is very good and the boxes are quite sufficient to pack proper lunch. Rotis or Rice can be packed in the big round box and curries or veggies or salads in other two small rectangular boxes. The violet colour looks trendy and the lunch bag is awesome and durable. Overall a good buy for 350 bucks!
September 5, 2015
The bigger container can hold about 10 medium sized rotis. The two smaller containers can hold sabzis for one time quantity. Also the lock is pretty good, so I guess you can risk carrying curry.
January 15, 2016
The roti one is good. You can easily store about 10 rotis (as said by another reviewer here) in that big round box. The small ones are too small. They are very similar in size as you see in those 5th class students' lunch boxes (one box; inside, a small box with cap; and a space for rotis). This is the reason I returned this product. The air tightness some reviewers are stating here about; I have a doubt on this but I haven't checked it by myself. It might be airtight or might be not. The quality of plastic seems very good.
June 5, 2016
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