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Amazon offer where you can buy Sennheiser HD-201 Lightweight Binaural Over-Ear Headphone at Lowest Price Rs.1028.

Sennheiser HD-201 Lightweight Binaural Over-Ear Headphone

Rs. 1,028 1990

The Sennheiser HD-201 stereo headphones prove to be a low priced alternative to high-end studio headphones; With great clarity, the Sennheiser HD201 headphones are the ideal entry into the world of ...

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The day I bought it, I just sat at my computer for a few hours listening to music, because the sound was so good.Pros1. Extremely light-weight and comfortable. There is absolutely no pressure on the ears. I can use it for an hour or two before my ears get a little warm, because it's of closed type. That's actually a beneficial warning, because otherwise, my hearing might get damaged because of long-term usage of headphones.2. Clear sound. In acoustic and minimal-music songs, the voice is absolutely clear and the background is also exceptional.3. Very good noise cancellation.4. Doesn't actually feel like the sound is coming from headphones. Theatrical sound effects, if I may borrow the phrase.5. Two year warranty.6. Looks pretty classy.7. Reasonably durable.Cons1. Low bass and low volume. If you like listening at full volume and heavy bass, this is not for you. However, if you prefer clarity over loudness and bass, this is for you. (I anyway listen only at 50% of the volume. Now I've made it 60 to 70% volume in the controls.)2. Long, long, long wire. And the ear pads are not right-angle foldable. This is not a portable pair of headphones. Not to be used for travel.3. Slips off head while in motion, because of the cushioning at the top of the headband. Not meant for exercising.Bottomline: If you're on a tight budget and want a decent pair of headphones that are comfortable and sound great, go for this- as long as you don't want high volume, high bass or portability from them.
November 14, 2014
I am the proud owner of Senn's Hd 201. I've used them for a week now, and would like to share my opinion on these.This set isn't my first set of headphones, and I know that one can get headphones of better bass, treble, etc. I was intending to buy the Philips Shp2700 before this, but as the model turned obsolete, I purchased its only competitor for my price range.To put it simply for those who intend to buy/not buy, I thought I'd put in a lovely pros and cons list.Pros:-> Its a lovely set of headphones. It comfortably sits around your ears with a lot of space to spare. Its padded extremely well.-> I went through the reviews before buying the headphones. Somebody claims that it overheats after prolonged usage. Untrue. I used it for 13 hours straight, comfortably.-> Some poorly written reviews compare this set to Chinese makes. This was the worst comparison one could make. The bass is lovely for mid-level earphones. If, however, you are an audiophile looking for the earlier Sennheiser worth quality, this set isn't for you. Try a higher end.-> The treble and mid-vocals are rich. It soothes ones ears. Love it.-> If you're buying for the brand name, the logo sits pretty cool on both sided.-> Adjustable ear straps and you can tilt the headphones themselves in any angle. Free size- fits any head.-> The picture on the site is misleading. Its larger than it looks.-> Metalhead? Pop-lover? Grunge? These are genres which work well with the 201's. However, if you listen to dubstep, gtfo. These aren't for you.-> I'm a gamer, somewhat. These work brilliantly, providing Surround Sound.Cons:-> I would like to say it has none, but I have to be honest here.Read more ›
January 11, 2015
I purchased this phone from elsewhere not from Amazon for my I pod classic about one and half year back.The sound is not punchy but o.k but the main probleb is that the polythin wire cover is gradually peeling off bearing the thin wire inside which can tear at any time, I have used it very little as I have other high quality phones of Senn and Sony having no problem. I reported the matter to the service centre in Calcutta but they insist wheather the product is working properly, if so they can''t do anything, it matters nothing if I use the phone or not but I take utmost care of the electronic goods I purchase but I am really very displeased with a product manufactured by a reknowned name 'SENNHEISER', can any one advise me what to do next?
September 9, 2015
Fine & crystal clear sound with binaural effect,proper bass quality,comfortable ear padding. If you love music & wanna feel the essence of each & every single tone of the music then just go for it. It surely amaze you.
April 28, 2016
This time Sennheiser Disappointed me. The output volume is damn slow that i cant even listen the vocals properly. Feels cheated
May 16, 2014
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