Scotch-Brite Premium Toilet Plastic Brush with Round Container (Blue/White) (Blue/White)

Scotch-Brite Premium Toilet Plastic Brush with Round Container (Blue/White) (Blue/White)

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as of September 14, 2020 11:02 am

Brush can be conveniently stored in the container, Suitable for both Indian and western toilets. Thick and tough nylon bristles make cleaning toilets and easy task, The round container makes it easy to store the toilet brush.

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The product is an ideal for every home. Gr8 quality and looks. However, a few cons1. The product has no holes in the bottom amd hence the ezcess water from the brush will not drain off and will lead to more mess. I myself had to make a few tiny holes in the bottom for making good the difficultly (see the party.2. The handle of the item is not very long and may cause difficulties.3. The price of the product is on the higher side.
 Sturdy units and efficient brushes. Water collects in the bowl of the stand after use. To drain the residual water; customised a bit. Maybe 3M can take note.The big irritant is the branding sticker across the stand. The gumming of the sticker is quiet strong ad expected from 3M, but i would suggest users to clean it off before use else dirt and lint can adhere later while use. Again something 3M can take note of.
Just loved this one. I was in the search of a good brush. I was doubtful before buying this, becoz all the previous bought brushes were utter failures. This made the job too simple. The size and the curves of the brush are perfect for a perfectly cleaned toilet.
There are no holes in the stand so the water remains inside & mosquitoes are produced in it. The manufacturer should rectify this gross mistake & make multiple holes inside the stand where the brush is kept after cleaning.
You can use this brush on daily basis and keep your toilets clean and hygiene. The brush and the overall construction of the product is sturdy and it looks like it lasts for a long time. The color of the bristles could have been designed with darker colors for obvious reasons.

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  • Ergonomically designed ; ensures a firm hold and stronger grip
  • Superior Nylon bristles ; stays strong and sturdy, helps clean tough nooks and corners as well as the rim of the toilet
  • Comes with a Storage option ; the container helps in ensuring bathroom gets a neat, premium look , Rubber grip for better and comfortable hold , Brush with curved handle makes cleaning under the rim easier
  • Durable ; designed to last more than your average toilet brush
  • Size and curves of the brush make it perfect for an effective toilet cleaning experience

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