Revital H – 60 Capsules

Revital H - 60 Capsules

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Daily dose of nutrients to stay ahead in personal and professional life. Live life to the fullest with revital h. Revital h, the leading brand from sun pharma consumer healthcare, is one of the most trusted brands amongst millions of consumers.

User reviews

I started talking this supplement without doctors guidence which led to insomnia , Later I found out that the ginseng root present in it was the cause. Don't try this without prescription or guidance of a doctor.
I'm close to 40yrs, following balanced diet and hardly take meds. This product helps to give some sort of energy perk. Its takes a few hours to know the difference. Feel refreshed in the morning if taken at night. Usually taken by afternoon so that by early evening would still feel energetic. Taking it just once or twice a week.
Received on 16 OCT 2017, It is 10 months old, Manufacture Date is 12-2016, MRP RS. 280, Purchased at Full MRP, NO DISCOUNT
Got a small but timely discount as I was searching for a men's health supplement in a hurry. The item is definitely genuine, sealed and delivered to my satisfaction. A small tip for men shopping for health supplements out there - this contains Ginseng - not a very rare herb but highly confused with something like Ashwagandha - it is not the same thing - try Revital for one week to see the difference - great for men's libido and energy levels!!
The product is not really worth the price. The effect are not even visible even if it is consumed as directed on the bottle. I am not expecting any super human strength but I am expecting that it would give me enough stamina to get through the tedious daily routine. I am writing this review after the whole 60 capsules down and almost 45 day after the purchase. I have used it before when it was launched and results were better.

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  • A unique daily health supplement is a balanced combination of 10 vitamins, 9 minerals and ginseng
  • Provides energy and fights throughout the day fatigue
  • Improves mental alertnesss and increases ability to handle stress
  • Helps improve immunity
  • Helps improve quality of life

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