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Amazon brings an amazing offer where you can buy Quaker Oats, 1kg at Rs.155.

Quaker Oats, 1kg

Made of 100 percent wholegrain which is rich source of dietary fiber; High in protein and fibre and natural source of carbohydrates; Contains beta-glucan Fiber that helps reduce cholesterol; May help ...

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Have been eating this for quite some time now (almost 6 months). But just did some research on Oats and figured that there are 3 types of oats: Steel cut, rolled and instant. Steel cut are the purest form of oats. Rolled oats have some processing involved but are still good. Quick oats are the most unhealthy ones and need to be avoided at all costs. They are extremely processed. Difference between quick oats and steel cut oats is similar to between brown rice and white rice. Another thing I figured is that Quaker oats are quick oats and not rolled oats, something I assumed for a long time. Long story short, they are unhealthy. So, if anyone does read my review, avoid buying Quaker oats. They are unhealthy. The rolled or steel cut version of Quaker oats are not available in India, at least not on Amazon or even Flipkart.
February 13, 2016
Quaker seems to be in the news for using pesticides which cause cancerNew York Post reports that Lewis Daly, from Brooklyn, New York, filed a $5-million lawsuit to the federal court, accusing Quaker Oats of using a cancer-causing herbicide called glyphosate in processing its oats. Lewis' court papers say that the Chicago-based company's "100% Natural" oatmeal is "false, deceptive and misleading."Lewis asserted that Quaker Oats is using the cancer-causing herbicide to grow its oats. He added that glyphosate is also sprayed on the oats to act as a drying agent before harvest time.I thinks Quaker needs to explain its stand on the products sold in India.
May 22, 2016
There is no doubt that oats is so effective in providing good health benefits and is overly popular all over the world. Now we all know that it is meant for eating with milk/warm water right but here's the news. It's the best stuff for skin!SCRUB- stop using all those ready-made cosmetic scrubs you find in the beauty section of your stores. Mix oats with just a bit of water and it becomes a paste. You can even use milk if you want. Use it to scrub your face and whole body after cleansing or once done with washing face or body and then wash away with water. It won't clog your drains or anything. Oats melt. The skin will be fresh and it will soak up all the goodness of oats right away. The granules of oats are big, true, but its not at all scruby or rough. Its smooth and exfoliates just the right amount of dead skin while it leaves your fresh skin layer soft. You will be so surprised how amazingly soft your skin will be. For those worried about catching any allergies, the good news is it treats your allergies. I have light sensitive skin and very prone to skin irritation just about with any chemicals. I also have eczema and I 'shed' a lot of skin in winter. Nothing worked for me but this. Best face and body scrub ever!CLEANSER- Even better! Use it as a regular face cleanser instead of your face wash if your skin is very dry. Since there will be granues, it will not only scrub but also wash away all the creams you might have applied. But do take time to scrub well for a minute of two. It wont remove make up of course but if you do not have makeup, this is an excellent cleanser for sensitive skin.BATH- this works if you have a bath tub. Fill in the water like you normally would. Put a handful or two of oats and let it settle in for 5 mins.Read more ›
January 31, 2016
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