Photron Lenspen Lens Optical Cleaner with Unique Carbon Cleaning Compound Rs.199

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Amazon selling Photron Lenspen Lens Optical Cleaner with Unique Carbon Cleaning Compound at Lowest Price Rs.199.

Photron Lenspen Lens Optical Cleaner with Unique Carbon Cleaning Compound

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Perfect for Cleaning : Camera Lenses, Digital Cameras, Binoculars, Telescopes, Spotting scopes and Other Optical items.; No sprays, No Chemicals, No Liquids, No Residue, Convenient to use, Portable, ...

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Lenspens are basically a big pen that do not write at all instead they clean lens of camera and mobiles devices. Lenspens are 10 times better than the cleaning clothes. Lenspens have two things basically1. Non-liquid cleaning element.2. Retractable dust removal brush.The Non-liquid cleaning element is designed to never dry out and absorbs oily substances from the lenses and contaminates it is easily and safely and retractable brush to remove dirt from the lens.I got this Photron Lenspen for an unbiased review, I already had one cheap Chinese .lenspen and I was happy with that but when I used Photron Lenspen I saw the actual difference. In this review, I will share my personal experience with this Lenspen along with good and bad things about this product.----------------------📦 Box Contents:----------------------1. Photron Lenspen.---------------------👍 The Good:---------------------+ It has very soft, thin and strong bristles on other hands cheap comes with hard, thick bristles. (Check the images)+ Carbon head works great against smudge and fingerprints.+ The carbon tip does not wear out easily it is also softer than other cheap Lenspens. (Check the images)+ Small, lightweight and easy to carry.-------------------👎 The Bad:-------------------- It is difficult to reach small corners on the lens.- Price is 3 times higher than the cheap lenpens.---------------------👉 Additional Info:---------------------1. Do not apply too much force to clean otherwise it will leave carbon particles on the lens.2. Always put the cap on it after using it.Read more ›
December 11, 2016
Note: I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.Lenspen is a pen like device used for cleaning the lens of camera and mobile phones. They are basically used to reach at places where a normal cleaning cloth cannot reach. Also, the lenspen does not leave smudge marks on the lens.++Pros++1. Works great; The lens shines like new, just after two to three rubs2. The tip does not wear out easily. It is claimed to last long.3. Used it on a variety of devices such as camera lens, mobile phone camera lens and binoculars. Worked perfectly everywhere4. It is small and compact. Can be easily carried--Cons--1. Some of the times small carbon particles are left on the lens after cleaning.2. It is difficult to reach small corners on the lens3. Could have been cheaperBottomline-This is a great Lenspen which does the job perfectly. However it also has a few Cons. If you can afford to spend a couple of hundred rupees more, you can buy the original Lenspen , which costs about twice of this. However at this price, this product is definitely recommended.Please hit the YES button below if this review helped you make a better and informed buying decision.
October 7, 2015
This product is in my hand from yesterday. And Here I'm gonna review it in Pros and Cons.[-] Pros-1) Very Soft Brush2) Carbon Head Seems to be promise against smudge and fingerprints.[-] Cons-1) Not Worth to Money2) Possibly Carbon Compound will not work after 20+ cleanings
September 17, 2015
got it for 99/- Its nice for that price.
July 15, 2015
The lens pen does its job well and removes most common dirt and smudges found on lenses. The cleaning agent leaves no residue. The tip of the pen might take a little while to get used to as it is very thin (it is strong enough, but I'd personally have preferred a thicker tip).P.S: I am yet to try the pen on any hard smudges that have accumulated over time
October 29, 2015
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