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Amazon offer where you can buy Pebble PowerShare (Blue) at Discounted Price Rs.249.

Pebble PowerShare (Blue)

Rs. 249

Easily transfers battery charge from one phone to another; High Grade Silicon Covering to provide sturdiness and a smooth touch; Integrated Protective Circuit to ensures no overcharging or ...

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it is a superslow charger. device looks really awesome and feels same in hand however charging sped is slow which is the main reason i had returned it. also as i am using an otterbox case i needed the microusb port to be a bit long as with this microusb port case i cannot insert this in my phone. in emergency you may want to use it however keep in mind that it may take long time in charging.
December 28, 2015
Product does the job perfectly i.e transfer battery charge.One thing which i like about this accessory is that the feel of the silicon material used is awesome (You'll agree to this when you hold it in your hand & actually feel it)Two Questions which anyone might have before or after purchasing this:Q1. What would be the charging Speed?A. Charging Speed completely depends on the output current and input current taking capacity of the phone giving the charge and receiving the charge. It will generally be similar to or slightly slower than the charging speed through your regular wall charger.Q2. How to know which device will get Charged?A. There is an arrow that shows which way the charge will go.Unboxing & Review: reason I'm giving it 4 Star is because after buying this i came to know about another product which is sold at almost half the price compared to this one.
December 26, 2015
This small device sometimes saves my day. It helps me steal charges from other phones. Its easy to carry around and very cute looking.I experienced problem with it while transferring from a windows phone to a Samsung phone. Other than that it works perfectly fine. Charges at the same rate of the normal chargers. Its not a must have device. But a very helpful one during desperate-charge situations.
December 27, 2015
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