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Pebble Classic 301BL Smartwatch (Black) at Rs.5999 – Amazon

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Amazon selling Pebble Classic 301BL Smartwatch (Black) at discounted price Rs.5999. ntegrates with your life to connect you to what matters most.View larger The Pebble Smartwatch connects to your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth so you get the information you need exactly when you need it. Designed to make your life easier, Pebble provides personalized notifications and downloadable apps to keep you in the loop when you’re on the go. You can also customize with watchfaces and apps to suit your personal style and interests.

Pebble Classic 301BL Smartwatch (Black)

Rs. 5,999

View notifications from email, SMS, Caller ID, calendar and your favorite apps on your wrist; Includes Pebble timeline, a chronological display of calendar and notifications; Download watch faces and ...

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Great device. It is a watch first, and not a smartphone derived device for your wrist. Good to keep in mind, since the screen quality isn't on par with the latest generation smart watches.What i'm happy about :It is modern and stylish, on my wrist, even though it isn't a conventional watch. Your wrist is bound to get stares.Battery life is awesome. Screen does NOT need a scratch guard. Whoever said that doesn't know what he's talking about. I have used it for a year now, and i'm pretty rough with my usage, and not one scratch. Even after banging into the wall by mistake. Do not worry about scratches unless you wish to purposefully take a sharp object to it. Incidentally polycarbonate is used in the highest quality spectacles in order to prevent scratches.Apps - Not a great selection, but growing fast. Morpheuz helps you in sleep tracking. Jawbone Up tracks your activity.But it is most handy with Runkeeper. If you're serious about walking or running, then look no further. Pair your pebble with Runkeeper (the latest version of Runkeeper does it for you) and get updates about your workout summary on your wrist.It's remarkable how fast you get used to it.Also, the Jawbone Up app helps you stay active. It gently vibes on your wrist when you need to get up and walk around (detects inactivity over 30 minutes)What i'm not too happy about :The button quality and the build quality still speaks of lower quality material for the cost of the device. It surely isn't worth 10k INR. If you can manage to buy it in the US, it retails for 100 USD there, so it's much cheaper. For that price, this is a steal!Read more ›
November 20, 2014
Oh, what to say about Pebble - I've been a fan forever. This, the original Pebble, I ordered when it came on kickstarter. The only bad thing about this watch is the time it took for me to place an order and finally receiving it, shipped from usa - which was about...wait for it 1 year. But those were kickstarter days - I never lost faith on them, mostly because Eric would post regular updates about its progress.As for the watch, I really don't know the general sentiment or expectations of people - but from my watch, I want reliability, good battery life and minimum things but done well. Pebble scores everywhere on those parameters. I really don't know why I would want to see photos on my watch (but then again, before I had a smartwatch, I felt why would anyone want a smartwatch). Now, after more than 3 years of using it, the battery life is still anywhere between 6-7 days. It is an inseparable part of me - post-pebble-owning, i have never missed calls ever!If you want a simple smartwatch, with great battery life and plethora of accompanying apps - I'd say go for this. If you want colour/calling features and the new hi-tech stuff, this is not for that.
May 12, 2016
Got it a week back for $100 as a testing device of wearables.First impressions:Appearance:-It's not as quirky as it looks in pics, feels light and after few hours you wouldn't know it's there.-this version has a polycarbonate cover on top, which is known to be scratch prone. need a good quality scratch guard for sure.-the straps are the usual casio watch type rubber ones, and it does make ur wrist sweat, the good news is it can be replaced by any standard 22mm ones. I am looking for a good leather replacement already.Connectivity:Been using wid my iPhone mostly and have connected it once with an android device, works fine. However it once got disconnected from my phone and automaticity got paired to my ipad(without me touching the iPad). and when I tried playing music my iPad in different room was playing. Strange. The BT range is awesome, it worked past 2 walls and 15m away.Interface:Love it's simple interface, but yes a touchscreen would have been better. The customisable watchface is one of the USP dat made me think of a smart watch, and pebble has so many of them in its App Store.👍 It works with run keeper and many other fitness apps.Screen:The screen is quite legible under bright sunlight and that's when the screen looks best actually. if you are mostly in dark surroundings, u can shake ur wrist to turn on the backlight to check time.Battery life:This is the primary reason to zero in on pebble instead of moto360.(and yes the compatibility with iOS would have been an issue as well) the battery seems to last atleast 5 days in a single charge.Read more ›
October 27, 2014
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