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Amazon selling Paper Boat Jaljeera Juice, 250ml (Pack of 6) at Discounted Price Rs.129.

Paper Boat Jaljeera Juice, 250ml (Pack of 6)

Rs. 129

Summer days, heavy meals, or elaborate family functions; Jaljeera has been the perfect companion through them all; Infused with cumin, lemon juice, black pepper and black salt; No added ...

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It sounds crazy ordering a drink onlineBut we don't get paper boat hereMy sis who lives in ahmedabad told me to try this drink and I was ,at that time in a metro city so got it easily but my home is in a townWhere drinks like paper boat are neglectedSo one day I saw that we could also order food on amazonSo instantly I ordered paper boatPacking was literally amazingBest before is 7 months for this productManufacturing date was only 1 month oldGreat tasteI am looking forward to order more flavors
June 6, 2015
It does NOT last 6 months as they say on its pack. One of my packs became bloated and turned acidic-tasting with good 2 months to go for expiry. That said, the packs that did not go bad were delicious. We had it with pani-puri.
February 11, 2016
After I saw it in Big Bazar for the first time, I bought only 5-7packets(not knowing how would it taste). But I think I consumed them in 3 days only, and since I'm lazy, I decided to order it online through Amazon(which can be trusted). Would surely recommend it as an alternative to other soft-drinks, viz. coca cola, etc.
June 30, 2015
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