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Orpat OPH-1210 1600-Watt PTC Heater (Black) at Rs.1365 – Amazon

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Amazon offer where you can buy Orpat OPH-1210 1600-Watt PTC Heater (Black) at Lowest Price Online Rs.1365.

Orpat OPH-1210 1600-Watt PTC Heater (Black)

Rs. 1,365 2299

2 heat setting-1000 watts and 1600 watts; PTC ceramic heating element; Over heat auto cut-off protection; Wide angel auto oscillation function; Variable thermostat setting; Safety tip-over switch; ...

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HEATING FUNCTION: At around 15 degree Celsius night temperature, it could not efficiently heat up a 12 X 14 feet bed room. I used it overnight in the 1000W oscillation mode at around 60 % heat setting where the heater was running continuously (Note: at lower heat settings, the heater turns itself off and then starts at regular intervals). It may be able to heat up such a room at the said temperature if you run it at full capacity. I did not try this because I used a 5A (normal) connection instead of 16A (power plug) connection required for operating the device. If you keep the heater air flow pointed at you (of course don't point to face) from a distance of 4-5 feet, it feels comfortable (though not practical always, you can try when you are working on a computer or watching TV etc, not while sleeping).BUILD QUALITY: The product is small in size (just about the height of a size 6 shoe) and I found it noisy while using the oscillation function. The piece I got had a crack in the body. The plastic used is too thin as I could see evidently because of the crack. Also, the knobs used are hard to operate and had 1 notch mismatch in alignment with the marks given for changing functions.Because of the crack in the body and its inability in meeting my needs, I have requested for a return of this product.Readers - please note that this is an independent review of this product and is not written in comparison with similar products.
January 14, 2015
Small and compact... smalller than i had anticipated. But it packs a wallop and is pretty powerful. Quite a good product. I was unfortunately not too impressed with the quality of the knobs. Too hard to turn and the one adjusting the temperature has not been aligned properly
November 28, 2014
Has control knobs to control the heat output. It can rotate to dispense heat all over the room.cute design. Serves its purpose of heating small room.Cons 1. It requires a 15 amp outlet which usually will not be there in any houses in the room or drawing room. So extra money to get it done.2. It can be used to heat only small rooms. Not ideal for big rooms and ventilated rooms.
December 30, 2014
Out of the 3 pieces that I bought last year, one conked out in a week. I'd bought two in the end of winter time sale. The other two are functioning well. It works Best on the lower heat seating. If you keep the first knob on Max and keep the second on 'I' it runs for several hours at a stretch. Can warm a huge room as well.
December 28, 2015
Actually size of product is too small. Pics here shown seems big in size but size didn't met with what expected.
November 25, 2014
Offer for limited period.Price may change at any time

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