Nova Premium 100% EVA Eco Friendly Non Slip Blue 6 mm Yoga Mat
Rs. 331   Rs. 899   37% OFF
3 months ago
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Do yoga, meditation, pilates, or any other exercise at home on this Nova Yoga Mat that provides comfort and ensures your safety. This durable water-resistant mat features EVA Foam Filling , Embossed Surface for an effective workout session. EVA Foam Filling – It provides cushiony comfort while absorbing shock to make your workout session safe. Textured, Embossed Surface – This surface offers a non-slip and high-performance grip for a high-energy workout session. Comfortable Closed-foam Technology – This feature absorbs impacts during workouts, and also helps in maintaining balance. Easy to Clean and Carry as one side is darker than the other, this double-layered mat is easy to clean. And you can conveniently carry it to any place you want. Water-resistant and Odour-free – This water-resistant and odour-free yoga mat is durable and ideal for fitness enthusiasts…..

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