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Nivea Men Fresh Active Shaving Gel – 200 ml at Rs.174 – Amazon

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Amazon selling Nivea Men Fresh Active Shaving Gel – 200 ml at discounted price Rs.174.

Nivea Men Fresh Active Shaving Gel - 200 ml

Rs. 174

Effective razor glide; Close and extra comfortable shave; Protects against micro cuts and irritations

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As far as shaving is concerned , it mostly depends on the type of razor or shaver that you use to shave like as you wish (possibly a clean shave). A gel or cream or foam for that matter just acts as a lubricant b/w your skin and razor or an elec. Shaver whichever you prefer to use. So people might think there is nothing so special about reviewing on product of this kind. But believe me this one is unique. Its really worth trying this one ! You skin feels so relaxed and refreshing while you shave. It has a very good smelling fragrance as well. Initially I tried this with my electric shaver, but I landed up with visible stubble. But when I tried it with my gillette razor , I got a really very clean shave. But remember, it depends on the technique you shave , length of you beard hair and direction of its growth. So this one cant be blamed for any reason except that its realease button need a good regulation mechanism. Thats it , otherwise you can blindly go for it friends. Thumps up for this !!!
November 23, 2014
bought this in a lightning deal and it arrived home after a week. Found that the gel is not in a gel form but in a liquid form. If we squeeze a little for use in the morning, after some time you can see a little amount of it leaking out from the nozzle out of pressure inside. I also bought Gillete shaving foam in a deal couple of months ago and I find that to be a good value for the price and quantity than this though the quality as advertised of this might be superior to gillete which I don't see.
November 7, 2014
The Nivea Men Fresh Active Shaving gel is a good product by Nivea. I have regularly using Gillette products for my Shaving needs for years. Comparing with Gillette's shaving gel, Nivea wasn't that great to use as the Nivea shaving gel is in a more liquid form which requires a cup along with shaving brush to be used to produce froth.The product has a mild but good smell and provides good moisture to ensure a smooth shave.Sorry Nivea I'm going to go back to Gillette Shaving gel again!
April 4, 2015
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