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Amazon offer where you can buy Neoprene Half Face Bike Riding Mask (Black) at lowest Price Online Rs.79.

Neoprene Half Face Bike Riding Mask (Black)

Rs. 79 249

Perfect protection against cold, snow, wind and sun in winter which is a cut-out for nose breathing; Very warm and lightweight to wear fits above the ears and nose while still keeping the full neck ...

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Perfect piece for the Bike riders
August 16, 2015
Not satisfied with the product quality ...too inferior ....and foul smell will keep you away from this .......don'y buy
April 10, 2015
very good for wearing inside the helmet as air goes inside the helmet......and fits good and quality is very know when you get is good for winters and is of good quality at this price
March 3, 2016
Guys , this product is useless if you are purchasing it for protection from pollution while driving !Does not offer at all efficient way to breathe in clean air, saying so because i am a medical student,they have mentioned that it has a air filter, which looks only good in the pic, but when you see the product in your hands, you will come to know that they are not filters , its just big sized holes, which will easily allow air pollutants to come in your respiratory system and cause similar effect even if your mouth and face are uncovered, so dont buy this product and save your money !instead you can use a simple handkerchief by sprinkling a little amount of water on it, it will surely provide better protection than this product !
April 25, 2015
the mask had damaged stitches when it was delivered
November 21, 2014
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