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Amazon offering Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard (Black) at Lowest Price Online Rs.2400.

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard (Black)

Rs. 2,400

Multi-purpose cover powers down device and converts into a tablet stand; Windows 8 shortcut keys; Bluetooth provides wireless connectivity without a transceiver; Works with most tablets for fast, ...

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*Good parts*1. Looks and feels very nice. Also, it's very compact and light, so can be used without stress by placing on the lap. :)2. Range is very good. Might not be an important factor for most, but the reason I wanted a Bluetooth enabled keyboard is because the previous USB dongle based one I had used to act erratically whenever I'd increase the distance to more than 2 m.3. There is hardly any lag between key strokes and their registration.4. Has a snugly fitting cover, which is also of very good quality build, which can double up as stand for tablets / phones, etc. Obviously, the best part about the cover is that it prevents dust from entering between the keys.5. Putting the cover on shuts the keyboard down / puts it in standby mode, and pulling it off automatically turns it on.6. There are dedicated Windows, search and share buttons - they're very useful, but it's just that I've never got used to their presence, so have never really used them much.*Bad parts*1. Would've liked this to have full set of keys.2. Initial set up takes multiple attempts, but I've seen this problem to be there throughout all the Bluetooth enabled devices I've used with the Windows ecosystem.3. Keyboard has to be on before the PC starts booting otherwise it does not recognize any Bluetooth based device including my Bluetooth mouse, and then I've to switch to USB based mouse, turn onscreen keyboard on, and it is then that somehow the Bluetooth peripherals start working. But surely, this is a flaw in Windows 10 OS, but which is a shame because both are Microsoft products. :)4. There is no dedicated power on-off switch; one has to sustain press Fn+Esc to turn power on or off.Read more ›
April 24, 2016
Just received the product today its quite small compared to what it looks in pictures but thats the point of portability . The quality is amazing and the top rubber finish of the cover feels rich and good.. I ordered this for my mac mini and it works flawless apart from the alphabets and the numerics the play pause & the volume control keys works great with my mac..only problem i faced when i received this product was that the batteries provided with the package were leaking and the chemicals had spread across the aluminium side of the keyboard that i had to rub off with a damp cloth.. and buy 2 new pair of batteries to make it work.. otherwise a great product..
September 30, 2016
Awesome bluetooth keyboard. connected easily, very good for windows tablet user, this keys are really feel good, specially i became big fan of this cover which convert in to tablet stand. A++++
October 12, 2014
An absolute delight to use. Works well with my windows laptop, ubuntu laptop and my android lolipop mobile
January 23, 2016
Best keyboard with smooth interface. works well with android and windows 8.No lag
June 1, 2015
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