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Amazon selling Mercury Vertex MGX1000 Ultra Gaming Mouse,Black at Best Price Online Rs.279.

Mercury Vertex MGX1000 Ultra Gaming Mouse,Black

Rs. 279 599

- 2400 DPI Mouse - Ergonomical Ambidextrous Design - Programmable Buttons - Dust Free - Optical Sensor stays precise on the mouse surface without mouse pad - USB Plug

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Well this mouse works fine for everyday use and some light gaming (like Counter Strike) but if you are going for intensive gaming..this would probably fail you as it did for me ( after 3 months of use and 2 intensive gaming sessions which was after the 3 months)...the left click now becomes unresponsive very often....Some other facts about the mouse :1) The DPI is adjustable ...2) No noticeable colour change with the DPI change3) Pretty noisy while clicking..( I actually don't mind that.. Might trouble some others)4) Need some time to get used to click buttons..they're pretty stiff5) USB Cable might not feel solid enough...but that didn't give me any trouble..again might not suite some people6) They do look pretty good with the colour and shape7) Works only on really smooth surfaces..and not on rough surface like paper8) The extra buttons aren't much of use and one of them is really hard to press which annoys you ...9) They are comfortable to use
December 21, 2016
Ordered this for Rs.285 and got within 4 days.I think this is the best gaming mouse you can get at this price tag.Pros:1.Really Cheap.I mean really cheap.2.Beautiful design.3.DPI change works flawlessly.4.LED light is smooth and to flashy.5.Size of product is perfect.6.Wire is long and looks sturdy.7.Two button at the side too.Cons:1.Nothing major just that clicking sound is a bit on the higher side but that can be ignored at this price range.Overall this product is more than satisfactory.
August 30, 2016
You might have seen other shiny gaming mice whose logo glows, and are priced around 300Rs. Well this is nothing too shiny, but the experience you get is amazing for the price range, still the scroll will change color on dpi change and it have 6 buttons. Also it is smooth and fluent as compared to other mice in similar price tags, the only issue some people are getting is that they are getting defective product which stops working within a week or so. But don't worry remember 10day replacement policy at amazonAccording to me instead of getting something too flashy and fragile under 350Rs tag go for this simple looking gaming mouse which serves the basic purpose ie. Gaming flawlessly
October 5, 2016
A very good mouse for both right/left handed people.DPI changing feature is working pretty well which is a boon for gamers ,everything is working as described on the page. Amazon delivered it in 4 days,packing was good as well. Overall satisfied with the product.Thanks Amazon.
April 16, 2016
Nothing great to be honest, it's scroll wheel isn't very responsive, it doesn't change colours whatsoever. However, it does fit well in the hand and is comfortable to run, but not reliable as it fell once by accident and now the scroll doesn't work at all... Apart from that I personally feel just get the leviathan, it's better, a bit more expensive, but better nonetheless
October 12, 2016

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