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Lowepro Photo Sport Sling 100 AW Sling Bag (Orange) at Rs.1799 – Amazon

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Amazon offering Lowepro Photo Sport Sling 100 AW Sling Bag (Orange) at Lowest Price Rs.1799.

Lowepro Photo Sport Sling 100 AW Sling Bag (Orange)

Rs. 1,799 7990

Stretch front pocket; Stretch side pocket; Multiple attachment points

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There are many positives about the product like the compartments for carrying camera and lens and even rest of the things. You definitely go for this one, but I will highlight the negatives.1) Camera partition is too shallow, even 55-200 with Hood cannot go in.2) You have lot of spaces here and there, but partitions are less to compartmentalize. I like order my extra pair of memory card, couple of extra holders to connect to tripod, remote properly arranged as I had in the previous Bag. That was too excellent with a strong build quality but cannot take more lens so thought of buying this which is of higher capacity.3) You cannot carry anything on the front space since there is no zip or tying knot, everything falls off.4) Outer material is too flimsy vs the back side material which is quiet sturdy.Though in some site single back-strap was said negative but i felt it to be positive since you can pull the bag without removing it. You can stick to purchase this if you have tight budget and not with longer lens.Verdict : I am definitely happy but few things I miss in it so make your choice. For the price, trust me its worth.
November 15, 2015
Awesome product if you are on a budget. For light weight travelling with your camera its good. I carry Nikon D7000 with Tokina 11-16 & 35 mm , rocket blower,lens pen, cloth, my small tripod ,big tripod, jbl speaker, ND & CPL filter, sunglass, some small camera accecories, mobile power bank etc and still have space for 2-3 t-shirts. The big tripod is attached to the lower portion of the bag or you can carry a tent instead. Unfortunately it cannot carry a laptop. I have 15.6 inch that doesn't fit inside.
August 31, 2016
very good product perfect for DSLR, lens 18-55, 55-300, fish eye, 50mm prime lens, monopod, charger, macro lens, cleaning kit, extra strap all goes inside...still space left for two cloths and some daily use thinks.very comfortable to carry nice padding. the single sling and the lock sling works very fine. super design.for sure this is value for money if you are daily usage and one day travel with cam.i recommend this to all DSLR users...
May 8, 2016
Good design many features taking care of adjustment. No i can carry even run with this bag hands free. I have got Nova 2 AW its still doing good.His one does not look to have same padding to protect the camera as the Nova 2. I can do basing protection. I don not think it can take a fall and roll over rocky mountains, Nova 2 saved my gear in couple of events. you have to turn the lens hood reverse to make medium size camera like Pentax k10 fit with lens. may be Ideal for Canon small bodies. can fit on 18-50mm and one 50-200 long lens, but the compartment become tight. So easy removal and placement in the bag will need some trick compared to side shoulder ones and yes you can store only one clothes pair at max in the upper sack.Overall a good product for light traveler.
December 8, 2015
The product is awesome. It easily accomodates my Canon 80D with a 50 mm prime attached and a Tamron 70-300 mm in the additional lens slot. Its top compartment has got enough space for a couple of tees and a shorts. The additional pockets will house your SD cards, extra battery, charger etc. The weather cover is very helpful. Material of the product is great. The sling design is very useful while you're provided with a quick moment to shoot! Stylish looks and design. A great product from Lowepro. I got this for 2300 INR and met all my requirements. Buy it if you have a camera system with a kit lens and an additional telephoto lens ( like my Tamron 70-300). If you have one more lens , get a lens pouch for it and pack it in the bag's top compartment. I'm very satisfied with this product.I purchased a second bag on 12th Oct 2016 for my friend. The bag is just awesome. It really saved my gear on a couple of occasions from rain and dusty environment. Well, I would recommend it to anyone sans a second thought. Great product, versatile design and durable construction. Don't think twice, just go for it!
September 12, 2016
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