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Amazon selling Lowepro LP36214 Adventura Ultra Zoom 100 Shoulder Bag (Black) at Discounted Price Rs.245.

Lowepro LP36214 Adventura Ultra Zoom 100 Shoulder Bag (Black)

Rs. 245

Low, cut-away opening; Adjust-to-fit design; Built-in memory card and battery pockets; Soft, brushed tricot lining; Exterior back slash pocket; Adjustable/detachable shoulder strap; Quick-grab ...

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Lowepro is Lowepro so quality wise no worries. BUT be aware that this is a really a small bag. It's couldn't fit my canon sx50 so if you have a superzoom then this is not the bag for you.Slots are nice and there is a partition too. Go for it if you have a small camera which you want to carry alongwith spare batteries and some storage cards.The 3 stars only because the seller misrepresented the product by responding to one of the questions stating that it fits the sx50,
April 28, 2016
First things first - I was offered to buy this bag at a lower price for a review, which I did and thus the review; these are not impulsive or researched purchases, like mine are; however, they are un-biased like all my reviews are and should help you in deciding if you should buy these for your use.Now, I don't own too many bags for my cameras like other reviewers here but I do have some of the best ones I could afford, which includes a CaseLogic; because I think if you own an expensive camera it needs to be protected well. For the Ultrazoom however, I was always carrying a bigger bag, till I picked this up and I have been extensively using for a while to give you a complete low-down.Before, you however decide on this bag, check the specs of your camera (the size) and this bag. This bag is specifically meant to be used with a Ultrazoom or smaller. I have uploaded a picture with my FZ200 Ultrazoom, which is one of bigger Ultrazoom cameras you can get and it fits in well, though it's a snug fit. But, it would also fit in a Lumix LX7, Canon SX520 (won't fit the SX50 however), Nikon L820 and similar sized cameras and even some mirror less cameras with standard lenses like NEX 6.Okay, quickly the good vs bad.THE GOOD=======+ All around PaddingThere is adequate padding all around, which includes the bottom of the case well, so it should take a fall or two, without much issues. It's not military grade, but small drops from small heights and you should be fine.+ ComfortOver the time I hung this around, it was very comfortable and lighter than the bigger case I generally haul around. Of course, I did miss the ability to not being able to carry the filters and hoods. But, comfort wise it was superb.Read more ›
August 9, 2015
I am giving a so-so rating, as it has got some plus points and some minus ones.First the plus points :1. The build quality, material, zipper, padding - all are of good quality.2. The handle is handy and useful for the quick get-set-go times - Just grab it and you have the bag and your precious camera housed in it secure in your grip.3. The shoulder strap/sling has sufficient and adjustable length to carry it as a sling bag at even your waist level.4. The handy pocket for spare memory card is useful and the card will be safe inside it (I would recommend keeping it in its plastic case, just so that it doesn't get bent due to pressure).5. The orange colored inner lining gives a pleasing look and a beautiful contrast to the outer black.And now for the minus points -1. The bag is good for a small as well as a medium sized compact camera, but not for the larger sized bridge camera (like my Panasonic Lumix FZ-200)! I remember reading the reviews in detail, searching specifically if someone had used it for a similarly sized camera. One review by a gentleman who had used the bag for the same model, and was happy with it, made me opt for it. However, I was dismayed on finding it too tight for the camera. After a couple of tries, it did accommodate the camera, albeit only in one orientation, and after some squeezing-in. Even though the entire camera was not fitting within the camera base, the flap was able to make up for the shortcoming and the zipper worked well.2. I wish it were water-proof ..I carried it on my vacation to Nainital & Corbett NP, and it served my purpose well (Now that I have it, might as well use it!Read more ›
November 20, 2015
The bag is quite small and would not fit any DSLR or bigger bridge/ ultra zoom cameras. Check size before buying.Quality of lowepro is very good and for the price on lightning deal it is a value buy.
October 9, 2015
It is a word class product, both by design and material also, that makes it very much useful to carry small sized camera . Caring handle on top is very much useful, it has thick pads on all sides on it's outer surface so it protects the device put inside it from shocks, it has small chambers inside it made to keep memory cards and other small useful things that can be found easily. It is looking so good and stylish also, everyone asked me where I got it.
November 27, 2015
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