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Amazon selling Logitech MX Anywhere2 Mouse at Discounted Price Rs.3999.

Logitech MX Anywhere2 Mouse

Rs. 3,999 6995

MX Anywl- 2 is the new ftgh-end mobile mouse, created for people who make things nappen anywhere. Whether your work happens in the office, in hotel rooms, off-site meetings or on the airplane, the ...

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I am frequent traveler and travel internationally. This mouse really works well on any surfacae you get available quickly when you need it. Currently I am using it with only laptop but going to try ipad as well.So far battery seems to go by vendor claims. Button feedback and scrolling is decent. Logitech software nicely allows you to customize any functionality to all the buttons available, which is very nice thing. Additionally, you can customize buttons per applications! I specifically like the fact that scroll wheel has horizontal button functionality too, which default works as horizontal quick scroll but again can be customized to any functionality. I got used to horizontal scroll in like 2 days and thats my favorite part with this mouse.It also has both bluetooth (remembers upto 3 devices) and wireless dongle connectivity. Both work fine. I think higher price is worth for this.
January 14, 2017
It's only been a few days since I received this. So far it's working exactly as expected. I have a MacbookPro, which has only 2 USB ports. So I am loathe to wasting one of them for a mouse receiver. This is a bluetooth mouse and so solves that particular problem. (There is also a USB receiver, but I have not had to use it). I bought this model specifically because it can be configured to work with up to 3 different computers, and one can select which computer you want it to control by just pressing a simple button. I have already configured this with two machines - a MacbookPro and a Macbook Air. The configuration itself as well as the switching are both very simple.
July 10, 2016
Here goes:Outstanding upgrade from a previous laser mouse. The basic inclusion of side forward/back buttons and a central menu button are nothing new, but the fit and finish of this mouse set it above the competition. The scroll-wheel is a significant selling point, as it includes both side toggling and hyper-scrolling with a simple hard depression.Great mouse if you want to use it on multiple surfaces, including glass. This switches beautifully between devices.Main highlights:--Multiple scrolling modes - basic, click and scroll (single click), hyper-fast flywheel (deep click), side scrolling (tilt left/right)--"Darkfield" sensor works on practically all surfaces, including glass, without any light underneath. I've had no connectivity troubles or latency issues as with previous laser mice.--Customizable buttons - downloadable "Logitech options" software allows robust options, e.g. gestures, especially for Windows 8 users.--Connects via standard Bluetooth as well as the "pico receiver". You can easily switch among multiple devices with a button press.--Left handed people miss out on side buttons, but otherwise fairly symmetric design.--USB rechargeable - quick charge (1 minute = 2 hours), full charge (hour = 2-3 months)
March 28, 2016
I have no words to describe how good this mouse is.In any given week, I'm touching between 20 to 30 devices (laptops, desktops, set-top boxes, tablets, you name it.) Before this mouse, I needed to drag around several mice. Most of the time I didn't use a mouse on devices like laptops because it was just too cumbersome to keep switching mice while multi-tasking between my computer and customer devices. Now with this mouse, I can pair with my system and with two other devices. I can have all three devices on the same workbench and flip between each with the push of a button. I KNOW, RIGHT??? It's so easy to switch devices, and the Bluetooth connection never drops off.For devices that don't have Bluetooth, well there's a 2.4Ghz Logitech unifying USB dongle. This dongle gets paired as one device, so you can still switch over to the other two devices by turning the mouse over on it's belly, and pushing a little button.I can't say enough about this mouse. I previously used the Logitech Ultra Thin Bluetooth mouse, which is a sweet little rodent in its own right. But having the ability to insert a dongle for non-Bluetooth devices is priceless when I'm on the go and just want a quick temporary connection.Pros:1. Very well-built and sturdy little workhorse2. Bluetooth and Wireless-2.4Ghz USB connections3. Bluetooth connection has not dropped off even once in 3 weeks of usage with countless random devices4. Battery life. This battery is FRIGGING INCREDIBLE!!! I've been using it now for the past 2 days after a full charge. I'm a die-hard insomniac so it only has gotten 3 hours of non-usage last night and 4 hours of non-usage the night before. IT'S STILL AT 100% INCREDIBLE!!! Plus, a spare battery comes with.5. User-changeable battery6. The scroll wheel is smooth7. All my friends and customers now have "Mouse-Envy"
March 28, 2016
This is a great portable mouse with great features like long battery life, customization through the gestures button, works on almost all surfaces, 2 speed scroll wheel and 3 connections via Bluetooth and dongle.However, I had to return this because scroll wheel button diss not function as a middle click but to switch the scrolling style. The gesture button can be configured for middle click, but it's just not the same.If the middle click button is important to the way you work, you should probably steer away from it.
November 29, 2016

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