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Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 at Rs.1799 – Amazon

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Amazon selling Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 at discounted price Rs.1799.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 for Computers, Tablets and Smartphones, Black

Rs. 1,799 2995

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480 for Computers, Tablets and smartphones, Black An effective and stylish typing companion

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I did not want to post a review till I got some good use in. And after typing close to twenty pages on an Android tablet using this baby (not to mention the other typing I go in with it on the PC and on the phone), I can unreservedly recommend this product!While the selection knob is easily its best feature, there are others that prove equally worthwhile.1. The groove that is provided to rest your devices in is padded and it can easily seat a 10inch tablet with its cover on. I use it with a Galaxy Note 10.1 with the folio case on, and no sweat!2. The keyboard is full sized (barring the direction keys) and it is incredibly comfortable to type on, and the tactile feel on the keys is just perfect for me. ( I like them clicky)3. The build quality is solid (some might find it heavy)4. The base has some really nice rubber paws that really grip smooth surfaces, so dislodging the keyboard accidentally becomes less of a possibility than ever.5. Dedicated screenshot key! My phone and a tablet are both Note # devices, and I still feel that a screenshot key is a fantastic addition.The only problems I have had is that the screen lock shortcut does not work with my note devices but seems to work with OnePlus One, and Nexus devices just fine. I am guessing it might be a Samsung issue than the device issue.And a slightly more serious issue is the lack of a shortcut or preferably a dedicated key to expand the notifications. That would have made it is perfect 6 star keyboard.
October 2, 2015
This is a great keyboard and does the job perfectly. I have an iPad Air 2 which I use regularly with this device and it connects almost instantly. Typing on this is really intuitive and effortless. You can use the keyboard both on the desk as well as comfortably on your lap as well. If you are not using the hard covers, you should be able to slot the iPad in without removing the cover. This feature is extremely useful to switch your iPad to a reader instantly by picking it up.It can be used both in potrait as well as landscape mode and works well with my iPhone and my wife's Nexus 5. All in all it is a perfect product at a very competitive price. I also did a lot of research on iPad covers that come with keyboards and all of them are priced upwards of 5k, are not wide enough to type comfortable, are bulky to carry around and reduces the iPad's portability. This product on the other hand is very versatile and at less than half the cost. This review is written on the keyboard while I have it on my lap while stretching on my couch.
July 4, 2016
I was looking for a Bluetooth keyboard to use it with my iPad at home. I must say that I was virtually lost looking at multitudes of them in the market, with such a widespread price range. I did not want one of those fancy keyboards with an integral cover in which the iPad is to be 'inserted' as I already have a flip cover with a hard shell back : these are also much more expensive.So the obvious choice was a simple Bluetooth Keyboard and the Logitech Keyboard fitted the bill as it was a 'branded' Keyboard. The reviews of this keyboard were also good, but there was another problem : the Logitech K380 was equally impressive and I was in a dilemma which one to choose. Apart from the price difference (the K380 is a good Rs 600 cheaper), other distinct advantages of the K380 are being lighter, compact and the keys quieter. The only disadvantage that I saw in this Keyboard is that the iPad will have to be rested directly on the table and the iPad / Keyboard combination cannot be used as a 'laptop' if you want to use them on your lap !This is where I made the decision in favour of the K480. The dock in which the iPad rests is great with a comfortable viewing angle : it is as good as a 'Laptop' ! The dock is rubberised and the iPad does not fall off, unless forced out. I use the iPad often while seated in my sofa comfortably. It has been worth the extra Rs 600 for this feature. I was a little sceptical if I could use the iPad in the dock without having to remove the flip cover. If it was needed to be removed, I wouldn't have bought it and put up a question on Amazon too. Unfortunately, the answers I got weren't satisfactory; nevertheless, I decided to take the risk and buy it.Read more ›
January 15, 2017
Excellent is the word that I can use for this product....Although the packaging is worst (not a fault of seller).I have used the product on Mac Book Pro, iPhone 5S, Asus Win 10 Tablet and Finally on Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I am still using this device paired with my iPhone to write this review.There is no lagging like the other Bluetooth Keyboard where the response from the keyboard comes with delay.I will soon edit this review for more details and the experience after a long use.
December 24, 2015
After reading all the reviews i got this keyboard. The first one would not turn on so i got a replacement. The replacement turned on and connected to my samsung note 4. Problem was that the keys would stick and the sentence woudl read like this "the kkkkkkkkeeeeys wouldddd stiiiickkk". This was also inconsistent. 2 out of 10 times i tried it worked. Wasn't worth the money if the keys were going to stick. Looked good otherwise and i was looking forward to using it. unfortunately had to return. Kudos to amazon for speedy replacement and then return. Will look for another one.
May 11, 2016
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