Libero Large Size Diaper Pants (36 Counts) Rs.384 on Amazon

Libero Large Size Diaper Pants (36 Counts) Rs.384 on Amazon

Amazon selling Libero Large Size Diaper Pants (36 Counts) worth Rs.549 at discounted price Rs.384.

Libero Large Size Diaper Pants (36 Counts)
Start from: Rs. 388

Safeguards your baby's healthy skin; Maintains high leakage security; Soft elastic materials all around it fits your baby's body perfectly; Offers the freedom of movement; Simple to take off by just tearing apart; Skinfriendly; Box dimensions: 1043 x 535 x 1783 inch; Natural ingredients: Aloe...

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Last price update: 2016-08-30 17:53:36
Before i start reviewing this i must tell that i have nothing against any company manufacturing diapers and till date i have been using pampers active baby. My views are solely mine own. One may or may not agree with me. (i have compared XL size)My kid is grown up now and i started on to Diaper pants and since he is grown up i could take a chance and experiment and so I purchased all the brands available in diaper pants and compared them side by side.1. pampers : Made in phillipines 15 Rs per diaper pant, product quality not at all good compared to others. Has hard granular feeling inside, forget about it being soft. i wonder if they are comfortable to kid. the material used is not good and the elastic band is of poor quality too. My kid would wake up at 4 AM and the moment we would change the diaper, he would fall of to sleep.. that repeated for 3 consecutive days until i started using pampers during day time (cause i had to consume stock). - i ranked it No-42. Mammy Poko- Made in Thailand/China. Costed 11.8 Rs per pant. A notch better than pampers or may be equal( at least they dont have that hard granular substance inside). Thats it. Has a slight extra frill on the back side but i couldnt know its purpose. Night wear test- Baby woke up at 5 AM. -- i ranked it No 33. Huggies - Made in India. Costed 12.25 Rs per pant. The only Diaper pant that smelled so Good. None other has a perfumed smell. Good quality material. Night wear test- baby did not wake up at all. material is Good and elastic is of good quality. --i ranked it No 2.4. Libero - Manufactured in Malaysia and costed 15 Rs per pant. Here came a surprise. This diaper is of extremely good quality. Though not scented like Huggies but the material quality is way far good than others.Read more ›
December 17, 2015
I love Libero pants. After using papmers, I was in search of a diaper which would fit my baby and Liberso is awesome. Unlike other pants(Huugies, pampers) libero fits the baby well. It can absorbs well and there is no has got nice prints on the diaper :D. Almost equally priced as pampers...Would strongly suggest to try and buy. Worth giving a try
January 5, 2015
I did bought this product based on other reviews and found its really very parallel to what we are getting in pampers active baby quality.As pampers discontinued Active Baby products so this are now best available in India at this moment.
May 26, 2014

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