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Amazon Offer where you can buy LaPlant Green Tea, Long Leaf – 200g (Combo of 2) at Discounted Price Rs.189.

LaPlant Green Tea, Long Leaf - 200g (Combo of 2)

Rs. 189

Garden-fresh Green Tea; Truly Refreshing

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Superb product.Well, i have tried many brands of Green tea but i would say this is definitely a good product.I had never heard of the brand before, and then bought it in a deal.I did my research and found out that LaPlant is a big brand in the Tea industry.It tastes slightly bitter but thats the case with most green tea.And i feel better than some of the other green teas i have tried like Lipton,Wagh-Bakri,Organic India(this is also amazing),Tetley(worth buying).But i would rate Laplant as the 3rd best after Organic India and Tetley.It is definitely a great product.
May 6, 2015
The tea leaves are the longest comparing to other brands other tea brands..the leaves are cut and in LaPlant we can see how the whole leaf is rolled and packed..Amazon packing was good but I was surprised to see the silver foil pack was half torn on the bottom of the teapack..and the tea leaves are falling down when I took the pack out of the box..pack it with care... I tasted atleast 10 kinds of green tea but I found only two teas genuine and pure in pristine form...1 Twinnings ..2 LaPlant...but twinnings is the costly better go for LaPlant.
June 14, 2015
I have ordered n purxhased some ten types of green teas n acc. To that experience i can say..yes this is the original n actual whole long leaf green tea..many brands have promised till plant is the brand which i found is beneficial among all..though i hv reviewed previous dat its bitter in taste bt effective on me fr weightloss purpose..i bet this tea has the longest leaf in happy even after just opening the seal..fresh n an effecrive cost also when others r providing crushed leaves in same priceHappy buyer
September 16, 2015
LaPlant Green tea is a good healthy product.Leaf is Long.Package and delivery from Amazon is really good.I also tried LaPlant Tulsi green tea bags.they are also fine.but LaPlant did nt mentioned whether it is organic or not.Pros:Immediate refreshingVery Healthy productRich in anti oxidantsAids weight Losstastes good with a spoon of lemon juice.You can Drink any no of times a day.ConsYou cant find any Cons in green tea.only PROS
October 2, 2015
Tea leaves seems to be good (long)....But I still have some doubt that the leaves have been adulterated with other identical leaves.I sensed it I found few leaves different from the actual tea leaves.... They are identical, but not tea leaves.Leaves have been adulterated with other identical leaves.Also, the pack what I received was 8 months old.... Please make sure that the fresh are delivered.Online selling should be done with good ethics & not by sending eight months old pack (though the shelf life is 18 months), green tea leaves should be consumed within five or six months for good health benefits.....Quality of leaves should be checked carefully, as there are possibilities of mixing other identical leaves with tea leaves & it's very difficult for common consumer to make out the difference as there wouldn't be any change in the taste.
August 9, 2016


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