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Intex Cloud Q11 (Blue) at Rs.3999 – Amazon

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Amazon brings an amazing offer where you can buy Intex Cloud Q11 (Blue) at Discounted Price Rs.3999.

Intex Cloud Q11 (Blue, VR Enabled)

Rs. 3,999 5199

8 MP primary camera with Auto Focus

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Update 2.0 - 22/10/2016===================New problem started, the device SCREEN won't turn off and no controls will work, whole device goes into complete FREEZE, only solution is to remove and re-insert the battery. And even more random restarts. Does not look promising as more and more problems are happening within 10 days of purchase. Contacted Customer Support, waiting for further follow-up .... !!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Update 1.0 - 14/10/2016 :- New info,camera sample and accessories================After using for 3-4 days, here is my HONEST REVIEW.. I got the device for 4500/----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Don't have super high hopes, this is a budget friendly phone for normal to moderate user. It does not have flagship high end specifications BUT it is absolutely perfect for its price range.Intex have played well and Cloud Q11 is perfect for normal user but not for the hardcore user.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pros:-=====1. The 5.5 inch 720p HD display of 294 ppi screen is very bright and colorful. Easily visible under SUNLIGHT.2. The 1 GB of RAM is good for normal to moderate user. There is no lag.3. Intex Cloud Q11 can play high-mid level games it is supported by Mali-400MP GPU. And its perfect for playing all the games.4. The primary camera is a 8.Read more ›
October 9, 2016
Out of the box the front camera was not working. I did call Amazon customer service. Reply was prompt. I decided not to return the unit and take it to Intex service center. In no time, the front camera issue was resolved (loose connection).About the phone:1.Touch/Display-Nice.2.Battery-Good enough for a day if used moderately.3.RAM-about 350mb free with preinstalled apps (no lags felt so far).4.Speakers/Sound-Clear and loud.5.Call Clarity-Good enough.6.Wifi/Bluetooth-Works.7.VR-enabled and working alright.8.Headset/Headphone-Avoid the one shipped in the box.9.Camera-Average (It lags since the "Frame Rate" is low).10.Charger-Avoid the one shipped in the box.-Marshmallow is stable but comes with a minor bug. When connected to a pc, by default the phone goes to charging mode instead of MTP (data transfer) mode. There is an option to change it however the screen remains responsive only on the right side, for selection/tap on screen.-Intex should consider reducing the number of bloat wares in their phones. Even when disabled, they continue to occupy the internal storage. Some can be uninstalled but a factory reset reinstalls them back.Overall, the phone is pleasant to use. You only get what you pay for.
November 1, 2016
First things first. We cannot expect an iPhone or iPhone specifications in 4700 price range.I have been using this phone for almost one week now.I ordered this phone on 28th Sep and got it delivered on 29th Sep. Awesome delivery by Amazon. Hats off.Coming to the phone, we cant expect everything to be great on a below 5K phone. We have to be realistic.1. Display - Colors are nice, pictures and videos look great on this 720p 5.5 inch HD screen.Amazing VR experience2. More than anything else, the usability in one hand is so easy. It really feels good to use this device.3.2800 mAh battery - It lasts for long time for my normal internet/data usage and substantial call usage. I havent faced any sort of heating until now.4. This model comes preloaded with Android Marshmallow (6.0), but we may not get a future upgrade. But Marshmallow preloaded is really great for this price range.5. Camera performance though is fast, picture clarity is great for a 8 mp rear camera.and 5MP Front with flash6.1GB RAM - very useful when doing multitasking. You dont see any lag whatsoever in performance.If we would have to talk about the negatives, we would have to really get very picky. though there are few.Except 4G support you will find everything in this mobile.
October 3, 2016
I am Gifting this to everyone. 90% of my purchasing products are Gifted. So i couldn't mention anything about their functions.. But if i ask them(to whom i gifted) they tell its good. I am writing reviews with it.
December 5, 2016
its ok for this price range, mild usage, don't go heavy on this phone at all, just for browsing and social media, will give a backup of 1 day easily. for 4000, if you are saying it hangs a lot, cannot play games etc, then you probably need to buy a higher end phone, don't expect a 4k phone to handle like a 10k phone. all the best.
October 27, 2016
Offer for limited period.Price may change at any time

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