Hoffen Showerproof Cordless Body Groomer for Men (Black)

Hoffen Showerproof Cordless Body Groomer for Men (Black)

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Features: 1. Trimming Head 2. On/Off Button 3. Battery Cover 4. Silicon Tie 5. 3MM Trimming Comb 6. 0.5MM Skin Protector 7. Cleaning Brish 8. Oil Battery: This Applicance Runs on One AA 1.5 Volt Battery(Included) Preferably Use Phillips alkaline Battery

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If you are looking for a HAIR trimmer and you are a first timer .... Look somewhere else. This is not for you. Why ? Because -1. It runs only on battery which exhausts very quickly. Believe me the back up is not enough for a first time experiment.2. It does not run on power input. So you might be stranded mid way. I had to cut my hair in two days. Front of the head first day and the back on next day.3. The u shape comb attachment is just not fit for hair cut. You are better off with a trimmer which has 2-3 different spade like attachments.4. The cut hair gets stuck in the attachment and it's a pain cleaning it after every time you swipe it on your head to cut your hair.I don't have a beard, so I don't know how will it be on beard, but for hair it's just Not The One.I am not rating it much lower because it might does it's job.... That is to trim one's beard.
Product is very bad not as expectedDon't go for itThe top is not adjustable as expected
Very very very best products and very sharp cuttting best products
Nice product

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  • For all BODY areas, even in sensitive areas
  • The unique Skin Protection System guards skin from blades
  • Bidirectional trimmer and comb catch & cut body hairs grow in any direction
  • 100% showerproof
  • Caution Please do not remove the top Cover of Blade while using the Groomer

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