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High Range Strawberry Preserve Jar, 500g at Rs.119 – Amazon

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Amazon offering High Range Strawberry Preserve Jar, 500g at Discounted Price Rs.119.

High Range Strawberry Preserve Jar, 500g

Rs. 119 160

Fresh Strawberry preserved with limejuice and sugar

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Tooo... sugary. This may be the most suagry preserve I have come across. I have bought this from a store few years back, and have never again bought it till now. Seeing others (good) reviews, I thought this may be some other preserve for a minute, and in that vulnerable moment I bought it again. I do not understand why they add so much sugar and destroy the taste of a preserve.other details: Strawberry is of whole size and in a syrup of sugarTaste and flavor is no where near strawberry, taste only of sugar.
November 4, 2015
Yummilicious...!!A bit on the sweeter side...but I guess it's ok wen u get to eat a preserved strawberry on your ice cream or paratha in the middle of the day or night..!! Or eat it just like I do..
February 15, 2016
Amazon overkills with the packaging at times, infact all the time. I got 3 bottles and each bottle was wrapped in a air lock packaging all around which was twice the size of the bottle. The airlock packaging is so sturdy, my kid brother spent 2 hours trying to take the bottle out as he did not want to destroy the packaging 🙂 Plus there was bubble wrap for cushioning inside the carboard box the bottles came in. The box was duly marked 'Fragile'. The whole setup could survive a war!Coming to the product. Yes it is sweet but the syrup is very tasty. It tastes like real honey. The strawberrys come in all sizes, some are even the size of small marbles. I like the taste and keep reordering whenever they sell at a decent price. Its good with icecreams, shakes and smoothies and as after the meal sweet. Better than gulabjamuns and rasgullas I guess.
April 30, 2016
The packing was amazing as expected... It was too sweet to my liking.It tasted more like a jam that a preserve.... Otherwise it tastes great... The strawberries are whole....You can use them to make desserts.... Other than the sweetness it is perfect....
January 27, 2016
I love this so much so that I am planning to buy a whole lot of it again right after my first purchase. Large strawberries in a honey like syrup is a wonderful combination. Most of the so called preserves do not have the real thing in them but this does.
November 24, 2015
Offer for limited period.Price may change at any time

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