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Amazon offer where you can buy GOQii Life Fitness Band with 3 Months Personal Coaching (Power Black) at Lowest Price Online Rs.1199.

GOQii Life Fitness Band with 3 Months Personal Coaching (Power Black)

Rs. 1,199

More than a fitness tracker, GOQii is a complete ecosystem for comprehensive health management; You get a qualified personal coach and a certified doctor to review your data and to guide you to ...

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Keeping track of what we do can significantly improve our health. Self-tracking can actually make us follow a healthier diet, sleep better and exercise more-- simply by letting us know the areas we need to improve and if we are actually improving them. Fitness trackers provide this feedback in real time.Three main reasons to use1. You Don't Have to Do It Yourself.2. They're Habit Forming.3. They Motivate.Fitness trackers are the order of the day, but getting the right tracker is the main concern, there are many unbranded cheap Chinese tracker bands are also available in the market but they don't last long. If you want something that lasts long, at least, an year then there are many brands available with the higher price tag but again they provide six months to an year warranty and the good quality.GOQii is one of them, It gives you back what you have spent to buy it in the form of personal coach service. I have not tested many fitness trackers but yes I have used most popular main three known MI band, GOQii, and the Fitbit. Here I will share my experience with GOQii band.The first thing I would like to tell you about GOQii is "GOQii not a band, but It is.." 😀 I mean they are actually service provider, and being service provider they charge you for every single thing. You can't even use their app without having a GOQii id. You can't create a GOQii id without purchasing the subscription and this is why you get at least 3 months of FREE subscription with the band so you can create an ID and know how subscription works, and what all services they provide. If you have paid and made a GOQii id and in future you want to change your email again they will charge you Rs999 just for a simple email id change(They call it account transfer).Read more ›
March 12, 2016
First and foremost, i have bought the band from Amazon and I am not looking at the text written in the box (coach, karma, eco system etc) to write this review. But I have been using GOQii for 2 weeks now and will give a fair opinion about this band.Delivery was not a great experience. Mine took 4+ days eventhough it was FedEx 'priority overnight'Even before the band was delivered, i was contacted by someone from GOQii and coach was assigned!!What is in the box* GOQii a core (which has all the sensors, display)* Two bands - black (or whatever color option you had chosen) and then a bright red silicone band (I guess it is more water resistent than the other), which I havent tried even once.* GOQii core Charger* Bluetooth Dongle to sync data (read it as your step count, sleep pattern, calories, etc) from the core to PC app* Subscription activation scratch card* Some paper workInitial Setup* GoQii core had around 60% battery out of the box. Charged for around 40 minutes before setup* Downloaded the GOQii app from Play Store (I have a Galaxy S3)* Created a GOQii account and filled personal details like height, weight (used in calculating the calories burnt) food habits, etc.* I was using a custom ROM on my S3 (Paranoid android), and the pairing failed constantly. So I had to use a stock ROM to pair successfully.* The app is very very very slow in my S3 during the sync process, but it works a lot better in my wife's MI3. May be something to do with the available RAM.Read more ›
October 28, 2014
It's not just a fitness band. You get so much more with having a coach to talk to about things and help you make changes. You don't go through the changes alone. In the middle of my subscription I became pregnant and before we made it public my coach asked me if everything was okay since she saw my numbers were off. From then on she has been extremely supportive of exercises and foods that would be great for me. She even made it more personal when I was having troubles after my baby was born and was sending me articles that were just what I needed. I look back over the last year and a half while wearing my GOQii realize how much my coaches advice and guidance has helped improved my life.
September 3, 2016
I have been using this system since November last year(2015). Its been almost 10 months and I already lost 12 kgs. The system overall is very effective, the coach, the doctor, karma points etc... Though now my weight is with in the range of my BMI, I am doing muscle building exercises now which is also fun. The coach takes care of our personal issues/problems in building our exercises/diet etc... and they suggest even exercises for our body issues. This is the best product.
September 15, 2016
I have been using the GOQii Life Fitness Band for the last 1 month. I must say its quite decent. It has behaved erratically on a couple of occasions but not sure about the reason. But overall, a good product. The Personal trainer concept is really good. The trainer I selected has been extremely dedicated in sharing tips, following up on issues related to activities done by me, giving advice, etc. Appreciate the efforts put in by her.
September 23, 2016
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