GM Modular 3041-Trio 2 Pin Flex Box 5 meter

GM Modular 3041-Trio 2 Pin Flex Box 5 meter

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Product Dimensions15499.97 x 13999.97 x 3999.99 cm; 349 Grams
Shipping Weight0.34 Kilograms
Item Model Number3041
Item Part Number3041
What is in the box?1 U Flex Box extension cord
Weight349 Grams
ManufacturerGM Modular

Ultra smooth rotation, international sockets and indicator; Cable guard for avoiding damages to insulation and ergonomic design; Color: White; Voltage: 240 volts; Frequency: 60 hertz; Warranty: 1 year

User reviews

Seller: Cloudtail IndiaPrice: ₹249 (lightning deal)Pros:GM sockets as usual are very well-made and can snugly fit a wide variety of plugs of all shapes and sizes. The plastics are of good quality. Wire is long enough for everyday use.Cons:The three sockets are very close together and it gets quite crowded for which it's difficult to insert plugs into all three sockets at once (see attached photo).The two 2-pin sockets are very close to the edge because of which plugs inserted don't go in all the way (see attached photo).GM has made a very poor choice and designed this particular flex box and most others as well in a very ergonomically poor way.I returned this and looked for one from GM which doesn't have the abovesaid problems. I found one and ordered it. It's well worth the higher price and I have no complaints with it.Please order that model instead:GM G-Magic 3245 Polycarbonate Meridian 2 Pin Flex Box (Multicolor)
It's been almost 9 months that I've been using this & looks like won't need one year warranty 😅 works fine by far. What I like about this product is :⏩ Easy to use⏩ Smooth to operate⏩ Durable⏩ Long wire⏩ No issues with the red light tooHowever, I'd prefer if they charge a little less😬
Having you used GM products in the past, I went ahead & bought this flex box without thinking twice. Purchased the item couple of days ago in Lightning Deal @ 249/-. What you see on the webpage is what you get. It's a 5 AMP 2 pin Flexi Box.1. Good strong plastic outer body2. Smooth rotation as mentioned on the site3. Ease of putting multiple pins in the socket without they bumping into each other in the box. I have with me another brand where though it is for 3 plugs but you can use either the centre one coz it bumps into the side one or vice versa. At times the 3 pin plug when used u can't use the on/off button properly.4. Nice & compact design5. The white color though looks elegant & classy but with passage of time it will show dirt & scratches. I rather like their grey combo Flex Box which they have.All & All a good product to buy if you need it. The seller was Cloudtail India & an Amazon fulfilled service. Hope the above review will assist you in making the right purchase call. Happy Shopping.
Finished quality is good.But main is design diffect.Middle socket is 3 pin.There are two more socket on either side.Once you fix Motorola's 3 pin charger in the centre(slightly oversize) then other two sockets can not be utilized due to want of space.This needs to be addressed.
Good build and quality.But the gap between the sockets are very less and you can't use 2 sockets at the same time. So I returned the product. I also attached the picture of the product.

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  • Ultra smooth rotation, international sockets and indicator
  • Cable guard for avoiding damages to insulation and ergonomic design
  • Color: White
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Frequency: 60 hertz
  • Warranty: 1 year

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