GILMA Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact Digital Temperature Gun with LCD Display for Infants Babys and Adults – 1 Unit (MADE IN INDIA)

GILMA Infrared Thermometer Non-Contact Digital Temperature Gun with LCD Display for Infants Babys and Adults - 1 Unit (MADE IN INDIA)

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Straightforward and Safe Measuring Measure high warmth temperatures or difficult to arrive at surfaces from a protected separation. Laser light assists client with pointing gadget and get the most exact perusing. When laser is focused on track the temperature will be appeared on the LCD show....

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Product doesn't turn on, doesn't have any instructions for turning it on. Batteries were damaged as the gun wont start in any position the batteries were. I even watched the official yourube video and put battery in the same way, it still doesn't start. Very bad and substandard cheap product. Won't recommend this to anyone buy other chinese brands but this indian brand is crap.
The accuracy is horrible. My son had a temperature of 104 but Gilma kept on showing 98.4 degrees. How can any thermometer be so off the actual temperature. Shameful that corporates are selling sub standard products just to cash in on the covid scare. Pathetic.
Just opened the package and tested, seems to be fine. None of us have fever but checked it out on the option for "surface temperature". Seems accurate on body temperature too. As someone wrote in the comments, the battery placement was weird, and i've never see + side being placed on the spring. Almost thought the piece is faulty, but then thought of other possible positions and finally decoded the hidden message in the symbol. Weird :). Overally seems a good buy for the price, especially in the given scenario.
Great Product at this Pricing! Works Properly.
I wanted to buy an Infrared thermometer but did not want to spend too much money. So, I bought the Gilma Infrared Thermometer from Amazon for Rs. 1100 as it had good reviews.The thermometer itself had decent build quality. The buttons on the side are for features like memory, units, and on/off but they do not work as labelled.It works on 2 AAA batteries, but the battery compartment has springs on the inside. So, any person will think of putting the positive side inside, but it does not work that way. Batteries must be put in opposite directions and it works.Temperature taking works perfectly but there is no way to turn off the beep sound.Overall, the Gilma Infrared Thermometer is only good for taking the temperature and do not expect any features or modifications in it. It just does the job it is supposed to do.RatingBuilt quality: 3.5/5Features: 2/5Value for money: 4/5Overall: 4/5

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  • 30 Sets Data Memory
  • Measuring Distance – 2 – 5 CM
  • Measuring Time 1s
  • Sound & Light Warning
  • 15s Auto Shut Off

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