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Amazon brings an amazing offer where you can buy Ganesh Plastic Hand Blender, Red at Lowest Price Rs.132.

Ganesh Plastic Hand Blender, Red

Rs. 132 216

Stylish design makes handy and comfortable to use and maintain; Functonally easy; Compleetely rust proof; Body is made from high quality abs plastic; Gear are made from dearline material; Manual ...

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Build quality is good. But two rotating blades mean that you cannot use it inside a glass. And if quantity is less, it would be hard to use even in a wider container. But then that should be obvious from the design. Looks good as well! Remains to be seen if the metallic parts would start rusting in coming days which is a common issue with these low cost Ganesh branded products.Update: This device struggled to beat up yolk of four eggs. It works fine for beating up liquid products though. I use it for cold coffee, ice tea with no hassles.
November 13, 2016
Totally worth its price. My mom loved it and its very easy to operate this manual blender. An info for new buyers, don't be upset if you get different color (I got a pink one), this product comes in assorted color, according to me it shouldn't bother one as long as its operation is smooth and does its job well.
March 15, 2015
Superb quality product ...worth every penny you put in...If you want to get a hand blender..Go for it with no second thoughts...No electricity required as well as good hand exercise..:):):)
December 18, 2014
The blender is sturdy not like the clumsy ones sold at the market. All the more for a mechanical blender the build quality is very important which is good for this product. The packing and delivery were superb thanks amazon shopping with you is a breeze.
August 28, 2015
Unfortunately I opened the pack late.The product has a defect and does not operate freely.It gets stuck in every rotation and moves ahead only when you push harder.Poor Product.
January 11, 2016
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