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Amazon offering Gala 132757 Dust Control Floor Mop at Lowest Price online Rs.449.

Gala 132757 Dust Control Floor Mop

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Super dust absorbency capacity.; Bigger size refill for fast cleaning, can reach corners easily.; Easy Refill changing Mechanism.; Flexible moving head; Telescoping Handle which is easily extendable ...

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Second purchase of Gala 132757 Dust Control mop and love the product - it has made cleaning my apartment so much more easier & less time consuming.Most important: This is best as dry mop i.e. to sweep off dust from tiled floors. I used one mop as dry & one as wet. More difficult to use as wet mop as one needs quite a large bucket to dip it & wring off water, in between wet mops. I wring it directly under tap for now, until I find a suitable bucket to hold it.Pros:Excellant to sweep even fine dust off tiled floorsLarge surface helps in accomplishing the task in very less timeWoollen/cotton wicks absorb dust to some extent & does a better job that any broom for a dust free roomMophead can be easily removed for cleaning, once mopping is done - I use the nylon brush from Dustpan-Brush set to brush clean the mophead fibres. Mophead can also be replaced once it wears off. I am using the last one for over an year and need a refill only now - some fibres rips off, the black panel develop lengthwise tears etc after continuous usage.Hollow metal rod - rugged & sturdy. Mine has not rusted even after long usage probably as I am using it as dry mop currently. Just starting wet mopping with 2nd piece. Will change this review comments if I find it otherwise laterQuick assembly of product even if there are no instructions - same with replacement of the mophead - latter was simple once I figured out how to do it. The product information on amazon page helped. For tips on both, pl see note at the end of this review.Read more ›
October 16, 2016
This MOP is excellent! It's delivered in a very large cartoon above 170 cm height. It's good for cleaning all types of floors (like mosaic tiles, marble floor and granite). It's very efficient for wet cleaning (the servant doesn't have to bend anymore). I believe on the airports in Mumbai, Dubai and Delhi they are using the same(similar) kind of mops for cleaning the floor where it is not carpetized (because for carpets You need a vaccum cleaner or a special carpet shampooing machine). I recommand this to all private households and offices (and even hotels). This will end slavery type of work which many servants have to do in India. And they will get some self-esteem if they are provided the proper tool (plus it's saves lot of time). I recommand also buying an extra refill of the bottom textile part, which can be either used for drying or as a reserve when the very robust textile part gets worn out maybe after two years it's good to have a reserve. I myself use this kind of mop in Germany for my houshold there. For a fast cleaning I combine it with glas cleaner spray. No need to use a bucket for smaller areas like kitchens and bathrooms, for larger areas I recommand buying a special rectangular bucket where the whole mop bottom will fit in. One more thing: Freudenberg from (Freudenberg Gala Household)is a German name and I suppose they have bought the patent and technology of the 360 Degree revolving mop from Germany. Also the length of the stick is very high contrary to the other reviews acc. to our servant more than long enough (not too short as some other reviewers say). Also the price is a gift (present) because similar other mops (like some from Leifheit - Leifheit is too a German company) which are imported cost upto 10 times more (also on amazon India). Buy this, You won't regret it ! The delivery from amazon India was very quick within 24 hours (even on an Indian holiday at about 10 a.m. in the morning). THANK YOU very much amazon India !
September 21, 2015
Excellent dry mop, hair sticks to it, the finer particles all get rounded up, Easy to use but assembly seems to be a question that each user it expected to figure out. Basically, just stuff the blue stick firmly into the black port and press hard, that will attach the stick to the mophead. The stick is telescopic but might need to be pulled out initially with a little ingenuity (mine was that way) but dont get overwhelmed if you cannot get the assembly right away, get your husband, older son or a neighbor to take a look and figure it out for you. I couldn't initially and I seriously believe they need to print instructions on that paper that comes with the mop!
March 2, 2016
This is not original gala mop refill. Its a local refill by cheap maker. Price is similar in nearby market so I did not replaced. But it was not worth waiting for delivery since duplicate product sent after long wait.
November 10, 2016
Light and easy to operate and has good handle length. Collects fine dust . Easy to assemble. Not tried as wet mop and cannot comment. Good buy.In order to extent the rod one has to pull the end firmly and for attaching the rod to the mop head, one has to insert the rod tip to the mop head and tighten it by rotating clockwise gently the plastic nut of the rod after pressing the rod into the mop head. No instruction is provided.Delivered in very good package and in excellent condition.
November 18, 2015
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