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F&D E200 Soundbar Speaker System (Black)

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I was skeptical before buying this as I never heard of F&D. But the sound quality is REALLY good... you won't get deep bass of course, but the sound doesn't distort at all on full volume even after applying 100% sound boost.The build quality is really good. No one is able to guess that it's mere 800 bucks product. It looks smaller in the pic, but it's quite large approximately 16"L x 3"H x 2.75" D. The red ring LED on volume button looks quite eye pleasing. Volume button functionality is smooth. There are two cables, 1) 3.5mm jack and 2)USB cable for power supply. So, you can use it wherever you have USB power supply, i.e. wall mount, USB car charger etc. It will work though OTG adapter for supporting smartphones and tabs.For office environment, light music, and small-medium rooms, it's just perfect. For louder sound purposes i.e. gaming, loud music, it might disappoint you.
April 4, 2015
Damn! That was my first reaction when listing music on this soundbar! I was a lil' bit skeptic whilst purchasing it to be honest. I needed a permanent speaker replacement for my desktop PC. My usage includes:-Casual gaming-Anime and movies-MusicPrior to buying this I was using ATH-M50X(headphones) for all of the said uses.Now let me get to these speakers, This is a mini sound bar with 2 drivers (1.5W X 2) powered by 5V Usb connector. It has Aux input- standard 3.5mm. The soundbar itself has a nice weight to it added to a clean and compact formfactor. The volume knob placed on the right hand side is surrounded by a circular red led which adds to the overall aesthetics of the soundbar.Now for the performance, They a plenty loud and can easily fill up a small to medium room with sound. There is very minute distortion at the highest sound volume. These shine at mids and are packed with plenty bass (though a bit diffused). My testing of their sound included some mid centered songs followed by edm mixes and a few alternate metal songs. They perform nice overall, at a wide range of genres.Summing up:+Nice form factor and aesthetics.+Plenty loud with very low distortion.+Mids centered with good bass.+Metallic grill covering the drivers.-Only Aux input-Lack trebleOfcource you cant compare them to high end systems although i am almost certain that if you are reading this review you budget centered like i was whilst buying these speakers. For the price they are being sold at their performance is splendid and you should blindly go for them!
May 21, 2015
First of all, I got these for Rs.300 (yaa, seriously) only on shopclues.com and have been using these speakers for a year now. So I think I am eligible for reviewing these. For me, it didn't really matter how they sound; it was a bloody steal and I was very happy that they were working.Now about the speakers, I wasn't expecting much from these. Too many reasons for that - never heard of the company; USB powered, so not much power intake; too cheap to be good. One of my friends had some logitech speakers (about the same price 1000-1500) and they were s***ty. So, I was all prepared for whatever these had to offer. Well, these speakers are surprisingly good for the price (and just too too good for the price that I got these for :D).Pros:- The fact that these are USB powered is quite convenient. Plug these into the USB port and audio jack of your laptop and you are good to go my friend.- Don't take up much desk space unlike the big 2.1 speakers. Infact, I use these to raise the height of my laptop! (like a laptop stand, pic attached)- Sound quality(loudness and clarity) is good enough for an average listener. Totally fill up my room.- Cannot complain about how it looks, eh!Cons:- These aren't really portable. Whoever is saying that probably has a lot of space in his laptop bag. Ofcourse, you can carry it around but I wouldn't give it points for portability.- Not loud enough for use with phone or tab. I tried using them with my Xiaomi MI3 and Nexus 7, and it was disappointing.- Not loud enough for some youtube videos which have low volume.So finally, here's the verdict:Sound quality - 7/10Portability - 8/10Convenience - 9/104 stars - If these are available for 800-1000.5 stars - If these are available for less than 500.
August 17, 2015
Mean every word. For INR 850/- this is a mind blowing product. I thought I would find something to point out bad about the product, but nothing at all. Its 1.3 feet, stylish, red led circle around the volume button and the sound quality is awesome. No blaring. Go for it.
November 1, 2014
The soundbar is pretty long, a little more than one foot in fact. It has 4 drivers that deliver highs and mids very effectively with just a little hint of bass.The sound is way louder and better than many of the sub-1000 USB-powered speakers available.I tested the speakers by powering them using 1) USB port on computer, 2) Battery-bank for phones & 3) Mobile phone charger and it worked flawlessly with all of them. I will not recommend using the computer USB port if you tend to listen to music loud as it will result in continuous power drain and heating up of the components on the motherboard. Since computer USB ports also limit the current supply to 500mA - 1A, the speakers will not perform very well on loud volume.My speakers sit under the Dell 21" monitor that is connected to my laptop. The angled speakers fire the sound directly towards my ears. The sound is LOUD! I generally have to keep the volume level of the speaker at approx. 50% and the computer volume level at 50%.The speaker does ring a bit and shows ineffective dampening of mid-range frequencies. Music is good, Movies are good, TV episodes are better.
April 11, 2015
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