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Faber-Castell Exam Kit

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ManufacturerFaber Castell
Model Number1410548
Manufacturer Part Number1410548
ManufacturerFaber Castell
Country of OriginIndia

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There are all the things which we need for a school exam upto 10th .pack contains:1 exam pad1 mathematical instrument box4 pencils(2B)3 blue ball poin pen1 black ball point pen1 mechanical pencil1 highlighter1 eraserMostly i liked these pens cause they move so smooth.If u think to buy for your kid you should go for it ,all these things will help in exam.Stay safe : )
At this price this price (150) value for money . A full package for exam . Quality is very good of all product .
The kit was as described in the website and had an exam pad, 4 dark pencils, 3 blue and one black ball pens, 1 highlighter, 1 mechanical pencil and 1 eraser and 1 geometry box. Though the scale was listed additionally in the product description here, it was received as a part of geometry box and there was no extra scale. The quality of pens and mechanical pencil was just okay, in that price range. The pad was good and sturdy as well to support the notebook or writing sheets without shaking while writing. Satisfied with the overall quality of the product!
Looks like duplicate product
Very useful one. I bought in offer price

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  • An exam Essential Kit
  • Content-1 Exam Pad,4 super dark pencils, 3 Blue ball pens,1 Black ball pens, 1 ice textliner, 1 ruler (15cm) , 1 medium eraser,1 Mechanical Pencil, 1 Geometry box
  • Perfect for kids to use in exams

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