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Amazon offer where you can buy Eveready Base B22D 3-Watt LED Bulb (Cool Day Light) at Discounted Price Rs.99.

Eveready Base B22D 3-Watt LED Bulb (Cool Day Light)

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Bulb Base: B22D; Color Temp: 6500K; Lumen: 300; Best and efficient light output upto 100Lm/W; High lumen maintenance over rated life; Warranty applicable till 30 Months from the date of Packaging or ...

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Great product from Eveready. performs much better than the 2.5 watt led from Philips while being priced slightly lesser than the Philips bulb. Build quality and shape are also great.You can use this bulb to replace a 5 or 8 watt cfl. It might even be able to replace a 11 watt cfl depending on the place of usage.Search for factsoflight site for full reviews or comparisons.
January 20, 2015
I bought this fOr Rs 159/- in lightening deal.Ordered the ‘pearl white’ shade with a plan of fitting it in the bathroom and having a different shade. This shade is somewhat warmer then ‘cool day light’ and just to give an idea am attaching a picture of the light emitted by this bulb. Now coming to my observations.ProsBiggest plus is price factor. Cheapest amongst reputed brands.100Lumens/watt is excellent. Light is bright enough and is sufficient.B22 base hence no modifications required.I was using 10w CFL and a 3w LED gives equivalent brightnessConsOn the site it is mentioned that it offers 30months warranty from packaging or 24 months from invoice date whichever is lower but there is no warranty card or any mention on the package. So I don’t know what to do if the bulb fails in warranty period. Amazon should clearly mention this in the product page. (One star reduction for that)LEDs are the future. They are getting cheaper. They last longer, more power efficient. Time to replace the CFLs.THIS BULB HAS A PF OF 0.5 AND KEEP READING IN CASE YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW PF AFFECTS THE BILL.“Power factor is the ratio between real power and apparent power. Real power is how much power the load is actually using and apparent power is the product of how much current is flowing and the Voltage. Real power is measured in Watts, and apparent power is measured in Volt Amps (VA). If you think back to when you learned about electricity fundamentals, you might remember that current (Amps) times Voltage equals Watts. This is true for a direct current system and it is also true for an alternating current system with a power factor of 1.0.Read more ›
August 31, 2015
CFL to LED Bulb replacement guide (rough comparison):5 WATT CFL ~ 250 Lumen Replace with 2.5-3 WATT LED ~ 250-300 Lumen9 WATT CFL ~ 450 Lumen Replace with 5 WATT LED ~ 500 Lumen11 WATT CFL ~ 550 Lumen Replace with 5 WATT LED ~ 500 Lumen14 WATT CFL ~ 700-800 Lumen Replace with 7-8 WATT LED ~ 700-960 Lumen (960 Lumen is 8 WATT new Everyday LED of 120Lm/W)15 WATT CFL ~ 750-850 Lumen Replace with 7-8 WATT LED ~ 700-960 Lumen (960 Lumen is 8 WATT new Everyday LED of 120Lm/W)18 WATT CFL ~ 1000 Lumen Replace with 8-9 WATT LED ~ 960-900 Lumen (960 Lumen is 8 WATT new Everyday LED of 120Lm/W)20 WATT CFL ~ 1000-1200 Lumen Replace with 8-12 WATT LED ~ 960-1200 Lumen (960 Lumen is 8 WATT new Everyday LED of 120Lm/W)23 WATT CFL ~ 1400 Lumen Replace with 14 - WATT LED ~ 1400 Lumen27 WATT CFL ~ 1600 Lumen Replace with 2 X 8-9 WATT LED ~ 1920-1800 Lumen (960 Lumen is 8 WATT new Everyday LED of 120Lm/W)Above guide is only for reference, please understand each bulb is different and may have different luminosity than another bulb of same wattage. Always, I repeat always check the Lumens of the bulb before buying. If Lumen is not clearly indicated - DO NOT BUY such a bulb.LED bulbs are a brilliant choice when replacing CFL bulbs or even power guzzling Tube Lights (who uses it these days anyway?). If you do use ancient "Incandescent Bulb", its time to understand illumination technology has moved beyond your wildest dreams and please do your bit of serving the nation by converting those Bulbs into decorative items. As for Tube light users please save energy. 38-40 WATTS is a lot for just lighting your rooms/offices. If you really need brightness go for 14 WATTs LED bulbs, rest assured you won't regret.Read more ›
October 21, 2015
excellent bulb. go for it if you are going for a cfl. this bulb is almost equal to a flurescent bulb in colour. philips led bulbs have a blue tint where this bulb does not.if u have no special reason to buy philips bulb, definitly go for this one.(i mean eveready).well this bulb is suitable for a small room with lighting equal to a flurescent bulb in normal bedroom. actually u dont need this much brightness in a small bathroom. definitly, the illumination is far more than the watts it consume.
May 14, 2015
It is just fantastic. I am using it as my table lamp bulb. And superb performance.I exchanged my 8watt phillips cfl with 3watt led. So really savings on watt and money.It does not heat up like other bulbs even after 2 hour constant lighting.It can even be used in Balcony, Stairs etc.
July 29, 2015

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