Dr Trust (USA) Clinical Digital Professional I-Check Forehead Ear Infrared Temperature Thermometers

Dr Trust (USA) Clinical Digital Professional I-Check Forehead Ear Infrared Temperature Thermometers Machine for Kids, Adults

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Dr Trust iCheck ear and forehead thermometer is an essential device that is required in every household. The ergonomic is designed to measure temperature with a soft touch of forehead and ear canal. It can also be used to measure the temperature of baby milk bottles, surface and other items. It...

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pros:easy to handle. big large displaycon:not accurate. in our experience, it always shows higher reading. Doc also mentioned that this type shows higher reading. Also, the diff in reading is not consistent, therefore we've had to use the traditional thermometer side by side too defeating this one's purpose. Only if we are sure fever is not there and we'd like to double confirm that, we use this IR device only.Also, after the 2 second timeout, it makes a big beep. if the child is sleeping, there is a chance he/she will wake up due to the beep sounds. This is really bad experience. When fever is there, it beeps TEN times and its loud enough for my child to wake up sometimes. I have no clue why they added this feature... really low thoughtfulness.despite the cons, i will keep it with me just because it does come in handy some times when my child just doesn't allow us to use the traditional thermometer.
The worst product imaginable. The temperature variation is so high that it's actually dangerous to take medical intervention decisions on the basis of the readings from the thermometer. The variation is as high as 3 Degree Fahrenheit with an 101 being read this piece of crap as 98.It's a cheap and dangerous take on what an ideal medical-grade thermometer should be. The fact that they don't return and only replace makes sense to me now.
Product is ok, nothing great. However, Dr Trust has inserted a paper in the product box which says if you want 6 months extended warranty, you need to write good review on amazon website and then only you will be eligible for extended warranty. That is the reason rating for this product is best in the category.
I bought this product @ 1300 and now its 7500 .... its way costly now.
***DO NOT BUY THIS DR TRUST PRODUCT*"*DANGER AHEAD IF YOU BUY THISI have used this product for 6 months and only after my experiences I am saying that DO NOT BUY because you will never trust its readings, for sure.Lets first see what are the issues -* Never shows accurate readings, not even once* I always used three readings formula - take 3 readings and consider the highest amongst them. But, all three readings will vary and range is worrysome, upto 4 degree Fahrenheit.* There is no way to disable beeps that it makes* To read manual you need magnifying glasses* It is cheap in build and performance and has feels like a chinese product* Whatever money you spend on buying this is as good as wastedFor a dangerous product like this pros do not matter however just to let you know that -* It can take temperatures of surfaces/objects too* It takes 3 seconds to measure, but rmembet, you MUST NOT trust that reading for your own benefit* It remembers last 30 readings - all of them would be false thoughFor me, THIS THING IS A JUNK. When fever was 103.6 degree Fahrenheit, this thing showed nothing readings ranging from 99.9 to 102.7.Hope you got it now that what should be your decision on buying this product.Thanks for reading this far. Have a healthy life ahead.

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