Dove Daily Shine Shampoo, 650ml

Dove Daily Shine Shampoo, 650ml

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The mystery of how to get shiny hair isn't a tricky one to solve. The key to getting shiny damage free hair we all long for is making sure your hair is nourished, from the start of your routine. That's where Dove daily shine shampoo comes in. Dove daily shine shampoo with nutritive serum builds a...

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Pathetic packaging by Amazon. The bottle was leaking as the pump nozzle was defective. Most of the shampoo had leaked into the polybag in which it was packed.Somehow I managed to take it out and since it was NOT RETURNABLE CATEGORY ITEM I had no option but to use the remaining shampoo. As soon as I checked the pump , it too was defective and was not functional.My entire amount is wasted. This is my worst purchase from Amazon of which I am a PRIME CUSTOMER FOR LAST 3 YEARS. It seems there is no quality check before packing the product.
I always use to change my shampoo every month to get silky shiny and smooth hair .Then after using many shampoo's .I came across dove daily shine shampoo .I got best results in 2 weeks .I even bought dove conditioner .I used these products and in one wash I could see a lot of difference .this is a highly recommended shampoo.
Dove is dove. Good product and more importantly I received a shampoo whose manufacturing date was just 1 month old meaning I can use it for the next one year or more with peace of mind without having to look at expiry date.Though I received the package intact with zero leakage, I consider myself lucky as the shampoo was in a single piece cardboard only without any additional packing inside.This contrasts to the shampoo packaging of a different brand, similarly priced, sold by the same seller,purchased by my wife. That shampoo had much better packing, double cardboard and all.Deducting stars for that, otherwise Dove shampoo by itself would given 5 stars
Packing of the product wasn’t appropriate, when I opened the package shampoo was leaking inside...around 50 ml of shampoo got waste...I didn’t expect this kind of mistake from amazon. I purchased many items from this site and every time it was pretty nice,but this time you disappoint me...
I want to return this becoz tha shampoo quantity is half I'm not satisfied

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  • Nourishment and protection from daily damage, wear and tear
  • Dove shampoo adds shine to normal hair
  • Formulated with nutritive serum. Ideal For : Women
  • Leaves hair strong and beautiful
  • Gentle formula that’s suitable for everyday use. Suitable For: All Hair Types. Applied For: Damage Repair, Deep Conditioning, Daily Care, Scalp Cleansing, Hair Shine, Straightening & Smoothening, Hair Volumizing, Frizz Control
  • Nourish and protect hair with Dove daily shine shampoo, for shiny healthy-looking damage free hair

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