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Vim Dishwash Gel, Lemon, 1.8 L

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Vim gel has the power of 100 lemons, which helps clean dishes easily.; Unlike dishwash bars, Vim gel leaves no white residue and leaves your utensils sparkling clean.; Vim gel is so strong that only 1 spoonfull cleans an entire sinkfull of dirty utensils.; Vim gel gives you a pleasent cleaning...

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Ya i know the product is very old and almost in most of the kitchen but still wanted to give my reviewI am great user of this product and i love it , but dont use much on cleaning my vesseles as i find my regular bar more comfortable.I use it mainly for cleaning my whole kitchenit gives a very good aroma that has made even the badest smell of my kitchen vanish easilythe oil grease from the kitchen sink to the stove top can be easily removedsometimes i use it to remove even my otg oily greaseIt comes in various sizes from pouches to bottlesthe bottels are very hand to use ,i but the pouch just to refill my bottleSo coming to the final verdictPros:Cheap and easily availableTakes oil Grease fasterGreat aromaEasy packagingCons:Dont find anyFinal verdict :I would recommend this on any kitchen , as its a must for most of the kitchen especially for indian kitchen which uses much of the oil,yes there are other liquid soaps with lemon etc but did not find any thing as good as this
It's been two years started using this liquid. It's the best and safe for hands and skin. Moreover it cleans up vessels and utensils upto the mark.This is surely recommended for all the ladies and gentlemen who wash themselves.This protects the skin and doesn't dry the skin and nails too. Leaves a pleasant fragrance in hands.I usually buy these large cans on sale days.It saves time and money.Amazon is quick on delivery and packaging is good too.
Value for money pack. Same Vim gel as in the smaller packets. Only downside is this bigger bottle is very difficult to manage. You should pour some to a smaller bottle before use.
Ever Since The VIM Dishwasher Gel Was Introduced,We Have Been Using It.It Doesn't Leave Any Mark's On Dishes And It Doesn't Affect Your Earlier We Could Buy Only 250,500 & 750ml Refills Or Bottles.Now We Have The Mega Saver Pack That Comes In 1.8 Lts At Affordable Price.I Bought It During The Christmas Sale With Lightning Deal Offer At Rs 297/-MRP : 345/-.Iam Recommending It To Everyone.
I buy this big bottle when it comes on a deal and it goes on for about 2 months for a family of 4. I prefer the liquid dishwash comapared to soap bars as they leave a residue and among liquid dishwash, I find this quite good

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