Singer Solo Straight Stitch Hand Sewing Machine (Black) Rs.3199 – Amazon

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Singer Solo Straight Stitch Hand Sewing Machine (Black)

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Singer Solo straight stitch sewing machine is a Single hand fitted machine, manufactured with utmost precision and detail, This superior quality hand operated sewing machine comes with good quality base and cover. It comes with an auto tripping spring loaded bobbin winder for uniform winding of...

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I do not think machine is branded, very crudely finished. Some of the cutouts on the body are not regular, black paint coming out. Plastic base is flimsy. Two poles holding the thread reel do not go into the respective holes. Distinct signs of rebuilt. Requested return.
Yes, this machine is ideal for house makers . However , spool pin is not as per size. It doesn't fit in the machine . Also, when after assembling , the handle doesn't shift . So you cannot fix the cover box later on. So when you buy don't delay to check the product completely .
Cover box was found broken, same thing happened after replacement.Very disappointing his time.
Good product. Mom liked this and no issue except when you assemble the handle top cover wont fit.
Very nice product for learners its very goodand silent

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Singer Solo Straight Stitch Hand Sewing Machine (Black) Rs.3199 – Amazon.


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