Gillette Mach Turbo 3 Shaving Blades- Pack of 6 (Cartridges)

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Rs. 860 Rs. 981 GET DEAL

Gillette Mach Turbo 3 Shaving Blades- Pack of 6 (Cartridges)

Rs. 981
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as of September 5, 2020 6:08 am

The three blades of the Gillette mach3 turbo are treated with an advanced anti-friction coating, allowing the mach3 turbo to remove each hair with less feel of irritation. Soft, protective micro fins gently smooth down the skin, allowing the mach3 turbo to shave evenly and effortlessly. The...

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Cost is too low for such type of blades as it gives complete hair removal and surely too soft. One of the Recommendable products.
I had ordered for MACH3 turbo blades but delivered item is normal MACH3 blades which are lower cost and also not the item I wanted. Surprisingly even the bill says TURBO.Amazon this cheating!
The product is really good. And the blades are sharp then other brands. And gillette mach 3 turbo is better then other blades because it gives you clean and smooth save without any cut and the gel bar is really helpfully so that while shaving you will not feel any type of iching. One blades can last almost 10 to 12 shaves. And as comparison to other brands of blades is what really good. Must buy if you are looking for a good and comfortable blades.
Gillette Mach Series is really a premium quality shaving kit for men with most premium and good quality material used so that you can shave easily without harming your skin. This Mach 3 Blades pack of 2 is really good for your skin and for a smooth shaving. It have triple layers of blading so that you can shave perfectly. These are most premium quality blades i had ever used. Thanks for this mack series.You should try this yourself atleast once so that you can yourself get better experience.
I have been using Gillette products like body spray, shaving brush, blade, Mach 3, cream etc for many years and they stand by the quality every time. I have really sensitive skin and owing to be professional i have to shave daily which leads to sore skin but no more sore painful chin as this turbo 3 blades gives super smooth shave without any nick or cut or irritation. Mach3 series is really good and lasts for weeks and weeks and this turbo variety lasts even longer giving you a better shave day after day.

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