Fogg Extreme Fragrance Body Spray, 120ml

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Fogg Extreme Fragrance Body Spray, 120ml

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as of September 7, 2020 2:31 pm

Vini Cosmetics Private limited offers personal care and over-the-counter products. The company owns the brands Fogg, 18+ deodorants and white tone talc.

User reviews

Personally I didn't like the fragrance of this much since it was a way but more strong. It is a no gas and only perfume liquid body spray. The fragrance really lasts long and you can still feel a bit of it at the end of the day. Overall a decent buy.If you think my review was helpful, don't forget to click the helpful link below the review.
Good product but in compare to Axe Signature, it is less long lasting. I feel it personally that Axe signature long last a day in compare to Fogg.
Product is not in packed condition, almost all perfumes are in open state. Whereas i obseeved leakage in some of the items. I m quiet worried aboug product quality as well, because when i used it i obseeved itching on my body.
Very nice product awesome smell "extreme means extreme" nice delivery ,got only in ₹159.
Fogg extreme is one of the best collection from fogg, it is long lasting and will be able to identify if you walk through. It has a good fragrance and it's value for money. And Amazon give original quality

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