Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart 20-Watt UV Water Purifier

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Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart 20-Watt UV Water Purifier

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as of September 7, 2020 4:34 pm

About: AquaSure Smart UV is a smart purifier in ways more than one. It is an electric water purifier with Quartz UV Filtration that kills harmful bacteria and viruses. It ensures 100% pure and safe drinking water even during voltage fluctuations so that your family is being cared for at all...

User reviews

I bought this Eureka Forbes on the basis of the customer review only. But the product doesn't seem to have the fit and doesn't back it up with the goods it is promised. The product has very poor build quality. It's parts don't match properly. The water glass holder is not fitting its latch properly. And, the valves inside the machine aren't working good.I expected a class product from Eureka Forbes and I was disappointed.
I bought this product after seeing some nice review. Within 2nd day of installation it suddenly stopped working. I called the technician and he told that a circuit is crashed and have to replace it. Seriously, didn't understand how come it has happened. Thanks to Amazon's return policy I have returned this product and received my refund on time.
It is the best purifier in its price range if:* You get a pre-trated water (by the corporation or who ever supplies it).* Pre filter hardness is edible.* You have 'no' to negligible amout of dissoved iron in the supplied water.If you are not sure about the above mentioned points, get your water quality checked by calling Eureka Forbes.
We have been using the uv purifier for the last 2 months n no problems till today.But it should have min 6 feet height difference between water tank n your purifier.The only complaint we have is w.r.t installation team, they r not familiar with the uv purifier. They said min 13 feet gap need n we should buy a booster pump. However after reading the manual we have decided not to buy booster pump.Quality of water is good, hence its a uv purifier it doesn't change the TDS so taste of water won't changeImmediately After installation it will take some time to purify so don't get panic
I'm writing this review after using the product for about 6 weeks.Timely delivery. Thanks to Amazon.Quick and free installation by Eureka Forbes technican. No extra money or tips demanded by the technican.Enquired about the product functioning and installation from head office.Price wise we got a additional discount and the total price is Rs. 5650.Finally the quality of filtered water:As expected the water quality is improved.UV is functioning well. Don't expect the quality of RO output.TDS is 110 to 118 of filtered water.If you want to reduce tds, then install a separate unit before the machine to reduce the same. This will help to save water wastage unlike RO.

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