Coway Sleek AP-0509 Air Purifier

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Rs. 16,400 Rs. 29,900 GET DEAL

Coway Sleek AP-0509 Air Purifier (Pre Filter, Activated Carbon Filter & True HEPA Filter)

Rs. 29,900
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as of September 7, 2020 4:58 pm

The Coway Sleek AP-0509 is a sleek and intuitive air purifying device for your home. Give your loved ones a pure & clean environment. The Sleek AP-0509 is designed to give an innovative flow path which reduces the space around the fan allowing for a more efficient and maximum airflow in spite of...

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We have been so used to Coway Products at our home in Toronto, Canada. The moment I came back to India for a project, I felt the air quality to be bad. There is quite a lot of pollution in the air. It makes me sad to see such living standards but lets leave that topic aside.So, I am a proud Coway user for last many years. It's a great product offering real solution to air quality. I was much elated to see the brand was available in India.I called the toll free number and I must say my experience was phenomenal. They suggested the best model for me and the fastest way to get it at my place. It was refreshing to see that they responded so professionally. One can easily make out about brand quality.The product arrived within a day of the order! My room has much more refined air quality. The faint smell around my house has also reduced. Thanks Coway! You have won over a patron with your professional service and awesome product.Just one advise! Go for it!
I was looking for a good air purifier for my parents' room. We already have two purifiers in the house. One in the Living room and other in my room. This time was looking for the best product. Was happy to see Coway is now available in India. It is an international brand and I was hopeful it would be a quality product. I called the customer care and got a very professional response from them, where they helped me decide the best model for my requirement.On opening the product, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Firstly, I am in love with the looks secondly, it has blended prefectly well with my interiors. Setting up was just plug and play so that was a relief. After turning it on, the sound was very minimum.The immediate response of my parents is that, there is noted ease in breathing. It is very heartening. I checked the three filters that come in built in the machine. Maximum dust was stuck at the pre-filter. The HEPA filter is very thick and has a green anti bacterial coating to avoid harmful bacteria. This is better than the other two air Purifiers I have of Chinese make.All in all, I would recommend this Air Purifier for its Korea make, good warranty and good customer care. Anyone who is looking for quick and effective air purification in their room, go for Coway
Let me be frank, I had ordered an air purifier for my home for the first time had a lot of expectations from the product. I decided to go for Coway because it is the only Korean make air purifier available in the market. I could not wait to open the machine once I got the delivery due to all the anticipation and enthusiasm.The packaging was optimally safe for the product, I expected nothing less. Unboxing the purifier wasn't a tough job, it just took minutes! Great job!!I simply opened the machine, searched for a convenient plug point. The product is sturdy in look and feel and within just 10 minutes we had installed it and turned it on.We started the machine for the first time and tried to feel the pure air, we waited for some time. In fact, I kept the machine on at night for 4-5 hours and could feel the fresh air as compared to the normal air. There is definite change in the air at home. It feels much fresher. We are considering the other model for our living room as well now.It is also important to note that there is minimal noise made by the product. I feel the product is value for money because this is the only brand which provides 3 years of warranty and the 5000 hr life for its filters.I am already recommending my friends & relatives for this product. Its a gem of a product and thank you COWAY for setting up healthy lifestyles for people in this polluted environment.
I was researching on quality Air Purifier that I should invest.Tried to speak to Philips, Honeywell and MI.. unfortunately, their customer care is redundant. Have extremely poor customer service. I think they just sell everything under the sun. Get a 3rd party manufacturer in China.For Coway, customer care said that they have 40 % market share of world and they sell 50 lacs purifiers a year. That's 8 every minute. Its 100 % made in Korea.Insane stuff.
Well, this Coway product is a great find for me and my search for air purifiers seems to have finally paid off! I live along a busy road in the suburbs and my dust allergy has worsened with the increasing pollution. An air purifier was the need of the hour.Let me tell you first what made me go for Coway.- Coway is the only brand which gives a 3 year warranty on their air purifier, while all other brands come with 1 or 2 years of warranty.- They also have a 5000 Hrs life for their filters (Activated Carbon & HEPA), compared to 2000 Hrs life for others brands.- The product is Made in Korea, while most others are Chinese make products- On research, it was clear that it is a reputed brand.The AP-0509 Sleek has an elegant design and is pretty easy to use. This purification ability is top notch as the problem of pollution and smoke entering my house during the afternoon peak hours, has been solved for my living room. Also, the purifer dissolves the food smell in a matter of minutes and does not make loud vibrations while functioning which makes it sleep friendly.Kudos to Coway and Amazon people who did a commendable job at one day delivery. So, my personal experience with this product has been great so far and I look forward to purchasing two more purifiers in the long run for my other two rooms.

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