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Comfort After Wash Lily Fresh Fabric Conditioner, 860 ml

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Want your clothes to shine like new every day. Even if you use the best detergents, repeated washing can tangle cloth fibres, making them rough, dull and lifeless. Taking a small step of comfort after wash fabric conditioner nourishes the cloth fibres damaged by detergent, giving them new like...

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The bottle came half filled. We are regular customer and was very disappointed to c something like ds coming from AMAZON. it very said. We had ordered two bottles and both were only half filled. PLUS there was a masking tape on the lid.i don't know if u will be position to help us on this. Its very bad for amazon.
Nice afterwash having New comfort Fabric conditioner now has Fragrance Pearls which get embedded in your cloth fibres and release bursts of Freshness All Day.Even if you use the best detergents, the fibres in your clothes get tangled. So, your clothes look dull & lifeless in just a few washes.The New and Improved Comfort Fabric conditioner untangles the cloth fibres and coats each fibre with a protective layer that helps prevent the damage caused by repeated washing. It gives your clothes the following benefits;New-Like Shine: New Comfort Fabric Conditioner with more concentrated formula which gives unbelievable shine to your clothesAll Day Freshness: It now has fragrance pearls which get embedded in your clothes and release bursts of freshness all dayVisibly Soft ClothesNew Comfort conditions your clothes and makes them visibly soft, smooth and great to wearNew Comfort Fabric Conditioner gives unbelievable shine and freshness in just 2 steps;Step 1 : Wash clothes With DetergentsStep 2: Soak in Comfort for 5 minutesAdd Just ½ a cap of Comfort in the last rinse of washing for 8-10 clothes. DO NOT rinse with water after soaking in Comfort.Comfort is perfect for all kinds of clothes and easy to use in both Machine as well as Bucket Wash.From the ManufacturerFeatures:Using only Detergent cleans your clothes, but makes them dull & lifeless in the process.Comfort is a special fabric 'conditioner' that cares for your clothes & gives them an unbeatable shine & fragrance that no detergent alone can deliver.It provides Long-lasting 14-day Freshness, making clothes soft, smooth & great to wear.Add just 1/2 a cap of comfort in the last rinse of washing, to give your clothes an amazing shine & fragrance.NEW LIKE SHINEComforts repair the damage caused during washing, and maintains the new like shine of clothes, even after repeated washing.LONG LASTING FRESHNESSComfort leaves your clothes feeling fresh and fragment for upto 14 days after rinsing with comfort.VISIBLY SOFT CLOTHESComfort conditions your clothes and makes them visible soft,smooth and great to wear.HOW TO USEComfort Fabric Conditioner is easy to use with both MACHINE as well as HAND WASH. Add Just ½ a cap of Comfort in the last rinse of washing, to give your clothes an amazing shine & fragrance.SEE LESSFeatures & detailsNew Comfort Fabric Conditioner now with fragrance pearls gives all-day freshness to your clothes.New Comfort After Wash Fabric Softener Lily Fresh (Blue) 800ml Bottle makes clothes soft, smooth & great to wearUse New Comfort Fabric Conditioner to get Unbeatable shine & fragrance that detergents alone can't deliverYour New Comfort Fabric Conditioner goes deep into the fibres of the cloth & smoothens them, protecting from the damage caused by detergent, and gives them a 'new-like shine'New Comfort is a liquid Fabric Conditioner that works well with bucket wash as well as machine washYour New Comfort Fabric Conditioner has fragrance pearls that get embedded in the fibres of clothes and release fragrance all day!"
One of the biggest problem with the comfort is packaging since there is no seal and it doesn't come with plastic wrapper around it so because of this sometimes bottle cap gets loosed and comfort gets leaked so that we won't get the exact content.Here in my case comfort gets leaked but previously i purchased this product that time bottle is 90% full now this time leaked.
Smells very good, bought in lightning deal, for best price ever,normally in market i am not getting even 1rs less on i got for best price ever.smells good, giving freshness to my cloth for min 6hrs easily
It has a lovely fragrance and yes, it does impart a shine to the clothing.It is on par with the blue comfort conditioner, or that may still be a tad better when it comes to retaining the fragrance after a wash.

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