Clinic Plus Strong and Long Health Shampoo, 650 ml

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Clinic Plus Strong and Long Health Shampoo, 650 ml

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While girls are born strong however they are raised weak due to societal conditioning and this comes in the way of achieving their true potential. Clinic plus believes that girls must be raised strong so that they have the ability to stand-up to the society’s detractors who come in the way of her...

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Clinic plus shampoos are a favourite amongst Indian households. I have been using clinic plus since I was a small kid and I am happy that I bought this shampoo online.Be prepared for lengthy review! 😃Certain tips while using any brand shampoo for effective results are mentioned below:1 Never use shampoo as it is. Always dilute it with little water in tumbler or cup and mix before using it. This way it harms your hair less.2 Shampoo works best when used on oiled hair kept overnight...rather than normal dry hair.3 If using for normal hair, one wash is enough. When using with oiled hair 2-3 washes are required depending on your hair.4 Most important - Do not shampoo your hair everyday. Wash it every alternate day or twice a week maximum.Coming to this product I review below:Pros:1 Very pleasant and mild fragrance.2 Reasonably priced as compared to other brands.3 Makes hair texture shiny and soft.4 Press lid on top of bottle makes it easy to use. One press is enough for normal hair wash.5 Cleans your hair thoroughly and does not leave soapy residue after wash.6 Protects Hair color or Dyed hair from fading. Certain shampoo brands and anti dandruff shampoo I observed, removes your hair dye or hair color in 2-3 washes maybe because of use of certain strong ingredients.7 Does not cause dandruff. It might seem silly but certain shampoo brands makes your scalp dry or allergic which might lead to dandruff.Cons:1 Excessive use of this shampoo leads to hair fall. It is best to use this shampoo only twice a week.Verdict:In my personal opinion shampoos which tend to make your hair too silky or smooth might cause hair fall as it might weaken your hair scalp.I have tried almost all available shampoo brands but this one suits my hair. I would suggest before purchasing big bottle it is better to test with small sachets for about 20-25 days for effective results.If you find my review helpful, please click the YES/HELPFUL button! 👍
Worst delivery......when i opened the Amazon pack shompoo nose opened n leaking . I would like to replace the shampoo
I received a defective bottle with all the shampoo spilled in the cartoon.. so much shampoo wasted.. the bottle was not wrapped.... I feel sad n bar
*It’s Very good Quality Shampoo* I Like This Fragrance* I use this shampoo* my hair is so silky useing this shampoo

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