Beardhood Hand Cleaner Sanitizer with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, 500ml

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Beardhood Hand Cleaner Sanitizer with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, 500ml

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as of September 5, 2020 11:39 am

Beardhood hand sanitizer is a flushing free disinfection gel that kills germs without the use of water. Gentle and non-irritating, it also has moisturizing elements of aloe-vera. A Non-sticky formula and a cool travel partner that makes it super easy to clean hands anytime, anywhere without...

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- Bought this sanitizer because all other brans like dabur / himalaya / lifebuoy / dettol were unavailable- Review was around 4.5 so I was quite impressed.- see in photo, first glance it seemed some liquid has already been used, liquid level is below neck - first irritation.- bottle seal was weak - that was next shock.- Then, took photos to check the condition : bottle was probably in very unhygienic condition.- liquid inside also looks dirty.- I know I cannot return this because seal is opened by me now.- alcohol smell is strong but on rubbing its vanishing very quickly.- REALLY REALLY don't know if choice of product was so wrong, in such harsh conditions when essential items like these are taking a longer time to be delivered.
I do use santizer rarely but situation is tensed and we need where soap is not available. This santizer is good and priced very reasonable. With 70% alcohol it will work on covid-19 also. Best thing is it is non sticky and get vaporized within seconds. Other cheap brands leave stickiness after usage.
This hand sanitizer has 70% iso-propyl alcohol which kills germs effectively without damaging skin majorly. The fragrance is also good. Value for money
Hand sanitiser and rubs is the need of the hour. I had waited long enough for sanitisers from popular brands. I gave up and went with the Beardhood sanitiser. It has -- 70% alcohl- glycerine- extract of neem, ginger, aloe, carbomer- tea tree oil among other stuffIt does the work its supposed to do and that's more than enough for me. The brand is not new and can be trusted with this aswell.
In these try times i've used many types of sanitizer now. But this one seems below them all. It's just like water and doesn't seem to be a sanitizer. The cap is also very loose and there was no seal on it. Bought it by looking at it's rating but not sure how people liked it. May be i have recvd a fake product.

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